Thursday, September 8, 2005

I found this floating around here on JLand and had to do it

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die   ( In no particular order)

1. Speak five langauges. (English, Spanish,German,Russian,Chinese)
2. Get rich from being so good at my career and from real estate

3. Travel all over the world, especially Europe and countries that speak any of the above five languages.

4. Own a lilac convertible Mercedes Benz with white leather seats

5. Belong to an organization such as the Red Cross and be in a position to contribute my money and time nationally and internationally.
6. Own a dog, like a beagle.
7. Know what it feels like to be in love

7 Things I Can Do  

1. Speak English, Spanish, and German
2. Bellydance
3. Take good photos
4. Make chocolate chip cookies that will knock your socks off
5. Be too hard on myself
6. Do the morally right thing
7. Wonder about my future

7 Things I Can't Do  

1. The front splits
2. Pushups like I used to
3. Cut produce. Nor can I cook for that matter.
4. Drink beer and wine
5. Smoke
6. Statistics. I always switch the variables and flunk the exam
7. I can't stand people that lie to me

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex ( Actually, IN a particular order)

1. Intelligence
2. Morals
3. Broad shoulders
4. Buffed Arms
5. Latino, Mediterranean, European..........
6. Kindness towards me and others
7. Uniform, lol                                                                                8.) Deep voice, accent                                                                 9.)  Masculine men. Not feminine guys.

Okay, so I listed more than seven. Guess that means I really know what I want ;)


7 Things I Say Most Often

1. "Whatever"
2. "Oh My God"
3. "Thank you for choosing Enterprise, this is Sandra, How can I help you ?"
3. "Shit"
4. "Fu*k !"
5. "Eeeww"
6. "Okay?"
7. "You go, girl!"

7 Celebrity Crushes  (in no order) 

1. Galen Ghering ( Passions)
2. Jessie Metcalf (Desperate Housewives)
3. Vin Diesel
4. Michael Vartan
5. Alejandro Sanz
6. Olivier Martinez
7. Chayanne


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kdwsunshine said...

Great answers, I had fun playing this.