Sunday, September 4, 2005

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Hello Everyone,

My brother came up yesterday and visited but I missed him and didn't get to see him. I am a little bummed. But he is going to some areas in Louisiana to help clean up and dry out the areas. Of course he can't go to areas most affected because they are still under water. He can only help dry out areas that aren't under water. He is happy to go, and I am happy that he is going to help. My brother has a good heart. You should see him around animals. Animals LOVE him. I remember when our German Shepard had puppies and he helped with the cleanup. That dog always whined and cried for him.

I was online yesterday and it's a relief to see that more help is on the way. Three cruise ships are going to house passengers. Also, many people are opening up their homes to the hurricane victims. Many people just want to do anything they can to help. They want to know that they've done their "human duty".

I lounged around all day yesterday and I feel so much better today. I was pretty much in bed or sleeping for most of the day. I was online a little and I also watched Mean Girls. I love that movie, even though it is kinda stupid. I can watch that movie over and over and it doesn't get old.

I also heard some of my favorites songs yesterday while I was online. Brought back so many memories of me in Barcelona. In fact, I will list them for you.

1.) Rockefeller-- Do it 2 Nite. You can find the music video on

2.) David Guetta-- The World is Mine.

3.) Gorillaz-- Feel Good Inc.

4.) Despina Vandi-- Opa Opa. (She is Greek.)

Some of these songs aren't very meaningful, and maybe a little trashy. Okay, #2 is a very trashy music video. But they were very popular when I was there, and I can't resist the beats.

These songs bring back memories of me sitting on my balcony and looking out at the gorgeous view of the mountains or the sea. Memories of me taking little weekend trips. Memories of my struggle to get papers and work legally in the European Union. And last but not least, me eating at different restaurants and savoring the awesome Spanish food. Grilled artichokes are so good :)

You know what else brings back memories for me ? Perfumes. I have so many perfume bottles at home. I always buy perfume when I travel. In Spain I bought three bottles.

1.)Curious, by Britney Spears ( My favorite)

2.) Pink, by Lacoste (the commercials prompted me to buy it)

3.) Suddenly ( A cheap German brand that I bought in Spain that I can't get enough of. It reminds me of taking walks and eating ice cream by the temple)

Anyways, that is all for now. Enough of me being sentimental.




jcrazytrain said...

I love gorillaz feel good! Hope you are well rested today :o) D

myheartsaysso2 said...

Ah... I needed that today a little stroll.. down memory lane.. isnt it true that the songs in spain really take you back when you hear them again.. and thanks for your comments in my journal too btw! Mel

myheartsaysso2 said...

I forgot to add.. do you ever go to   ? Great for spanish food here in the usa.. they ship right to door and have certain colognes and ceramics..I get my fix of cola cao there.. lol*

happinessdreams said...

I believe that there is a story behind every song and that is why they trigger memories.