Thursday, January 21, 2010

Everyone has a twin

Hello There My Little Chinchillas,

Everyone has a "twin". You know, someone that looks so much like you it's scary.  I do, and if you have ever read my private blog, you know how I came to know about mine. Long and horrifying story.

My ex-boyfriend who lives on the East Coast ( Broke up 2 years ago, haven't seen in over a year) also has a "twin". That lives in my area and gets his mail at the same place I do. And I got a dose of this reality today.

I was getting my mail at my mailbox where he used to get his before he moved back out of state (I still get mine there). I was just talking to the clerk and having a great time.

Until this man gets out of a car which looks like it could be a rental (he always drove rentals) and walks in.  My face turned white as a ghost, because I didn't know what to do. Was his new wife in the car ? Do I say hello ? Congratulate him ? Tell him I wish him the best yeah right ? Blah blah blah blah ?

A million things went through my mind. Some of them included:

"WTF is he doing here ???? I stay on my turf you stay on yours."
"Why do I have to run into him"?
" I wonder how big of a bitch I was when I last dealt with him."
" Does he hate me"? Followed by " I don't care if he hates me."
"Fuck he looks like he lost weight and I look like shit today. Perfect, God loves me."

This man was a dead ringer for my ex, it was unreal. Same facial hair, same body type, same way of walking similar clothing type.

Then he opened his mouth and sounded nothing like my ex, and then I breathed a sigh of relief that I didn't have to say anything.

Poor guy was probably wondering what my problem was. Actually, I don't think he even noticed, thank God.

But I still realized that I left the house looking frumpy today since I had the most wonderful massage. Because I knew my face would be pressed into the massage pillow, I didn't bother to do my makeup or even work on my hair.

But I will proceed to work on firming my ass.

I know that this is no big deal to most, but with the kind of dating karma I've had, I've been blessed to have never accidentally run into any men of my past that I've dated. I think it's wonderful if you ask me. And today, for a moment I thought that little sweet piece of dating karma had been taken from me.

That is all for now my little fur coats.........

Un besito !


Shelly Rayedeane said...

How far back is that on your other blog? I would like to read what you sincerely think about this.

I agree partially with the twin theory. Some people are manipulating energy to create one where there shouldn't be one.

That is the problem.

I need to work on firming up my butt as well. You're not the only one

Shelly Rayedeane said...

Manipulation isn't love. Having multiple urls to manipulate perception isn't love either. We are all entitled to our own truth, but it is wrong to mindfuck someone to create a false truth to line up record deals and book deals.

That's why what people are doing is wrong.

To use the laws of attraction to help oneself become positive is one thing. To lie and manipulate perception using it is wrong.

I'm sorry about the drama on your blog. That's why I'm angry about what happened to me.

And I have every right to be angry after what happened to me.

Secretia said...

It is amazing to see a "double" of a person, can really freak me out too.


Sweet-Britches said...

That's awesome that you don't run into your exes afterwards. I'm jealous!

My exes stalk me and still hang-out at all my favorite places, and it's a pain. I understand exactly what you were going through when you saw that guy. I'm glad it wasn't him!

JStar said...

I know your heart dropped...But thank goodness it wasnt him...

Organic Meatbag said...

wow, I feel sorry for anybody that is an exact double of me...heheheh

mac said...

I had been married for a short while when the wife and I decided to be naughty one evening. We drove across town and checked into a sleazy Motel.
It was all in fun - until we went to check in. The night clerk was an old flame of mine. And yes, it had ended ugly (she was just a bit nutty, after all). As you can imagine, the clerk was not exactly friendly towards us.
We got our key and went to the room.

As soon as we enter, my wife said to me, "Gosh, that lady was really rude. She must hate working at this place or something."

I explained to my wife what the problem was. And that there was no way in Hell I was going to close my eyes and sleep in that place!!

Our plans foiled, we went home for a nice "normal" evening at home :-)

16 years later....the wife is now my ex. But I see her often. She even baked me cookies for Christmas. The dog tested them for me ;-)

Mike said...


BamaTrav said...

I saw mine but it scared me so badly and shook me up for most of the day, I don't think it was so much that they looked like me as much as it was that it was a WOMAN, hahaha.

Bathwater said...

My friends say they have seen my twin. I have not had the opportunity.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I've rarely had that happen except for social outingss with my spiritual pal, Johnnie Walker Black.

Those nights, I thought I knew them all....


Shelly Rayedeane said...

I only have one real twin. She is female and a brunette and she knows who she is.

She still believes in me. I know she does because I can feel it.

All the others are just wanna bes in the mix.

Ily said...

It's freaky when someone looks THAT much like a person from your past.

Funny, in all the years I've been here I only ran into one ex-boyfriend, and he was with his son and XL wife. I was looking my best, thank God. :)

PS - We all need to firm ourselves up. I'm starting on Monday!

* Ashleigh * said...

Yikes that would be freaky! I'd give him the finger :)

And I doubt you looked frumpy, you rarely do!


I met my doppleganger when I was 10. We decided to go to each others' houses[separately] after school and see if our mum's could tell us apart.

Our mum's did not but our attack trained German Shepherd did and nearly bit her face off.


dadshouse said...

I'm told I like a little bit like Willem Defoe. Is he my twin? Yikes! Though he did have a hot sex scene with Madonna in some movie. Or was Madonna with me... hmm...

Senorita said...


Who told you that you look like William Defoe ?

Eew, William Defoe is not that good looking in my opinion.

Since I have met you in person, I can verify that you do not look like that. You look better.