Saturday, January 16, 2010

Landing Strip Time !

Well Hello There My Little Chocolate Truffles,

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I slept in and went to yoga this morning. That yoga class kicked my ass, and I wonder how sore I will be tomorrow morning. The woman next to me farted, but I am not one to throw stones, and that is because I sit in the glass house.

Anyway, are any of you watching this season of The Bachelor ? I am. I find it highly amusing. I will say that I think this season's bachelor, Jake Pavelka is attractive, but I don't buy the good boy image that he portrays. Basically, in the beginning of the season he says he is a commercial pilot, and is shown putting on his uniform. While they are showing that, he is saying how he is going to find his wife, and that he just wants to get married and find the one. Over and over again, I was listening to him say "my future wife" in most of his clips. I was ready to vomit. I just don't know how sincere a man is when he is shown dating on TV and I don't know how serious he is about finding "the one" when he is busy playing tonsil hockey with 15 girls. Also, aren't commercial pilots super busy ? As in too busy to devote adequate time to your wife and children ?

In the last episode I watched, one of the contestants, Roz got kicked off for having an "innapropriate relationship" with one of the show's producers. Personally, I thought it was hilarious. Many people are thinking "awww, poor  lil' Jakey got deceived" and are angry at her, but c'mon he'll get over it with 10 other women to fall into. How hard is that ? How often does a man have the option to make out with ten girls after a girl stomps on his heart or deceives him and then have a tv show foot the bill for that. Most men wish they had options like that.

I think that there was some truth to the allegations, because I saw footage of the girls saying they saw her laying on the couch with one of producers. I also think that the other staff knew about it. I just think that they let it happen and maybe encouraged it a little to boost ratings. Or maybe the show fabricated it. Who knows ?

But I continue to watch the show because I enjoy trash tv, and think it's hilarious that there are women out there that will chase after a man like that.

At the end of this bloggy post is a clip from Channy, who is near the SF Bay. She says something totally trashy to Jake in Cambodian, her native language. But as I learned through reading comments, her Cambodian is pretty busted. I live in an Asian community, and I've heard many Asian languages spoken. Even I knew that her Cambodian accent was busted without actually understanding her. She sounds way too Americanized to be pulling off that "Cambodian fever" display.

Moral of the story: If you are going to talk about your vag to a complete stranger in a foreign language, then at least do your homework and get it right. The only time a woman should use the words "landing strip" in a sentence when talking to a man is if his face looks like this and she is offering threatening to shave it off for him. Why do men think this look is okay ?????? Who was the guy that woke up and decided that he would shape his chin hair to look like a snatch ????? This douchebag guy below is Adnan Ghalib, who is married and cheated on his wife with Britney Spears.

Anywhore my little chocolates, that is enough trash talk about trash tv for now.  Enjoy the little clip below !

Besitos !


Just telling it like it is said...

I admit I farted in dance class on
Thursday but we were twisting and I couldn't hold sorry I should have seen the women faces as if they never have or something

Secretia said...

I get pissed off when they show a guy with too many girlfriends, it's not reality, some bachelors can't even get a date once a month.
Plus I wouldn't want to be one of those girls, and get the germs of all those other people.


mac said...

Good on ya !

I have always thought that about those little facial strips. And yes, I've a full beard for the past 16 years. But those strips, soul patches and goatees lok just like you said, a vagina growing on a guys face.

Grow a beard, or shave !

Loving Annie said...

Very astute about the pilot - many women would not be able to see that clearly. Good discernment on your part - that ability to know what's really there under the b.s.


Only real insecure women have to try and sell themselvs in a sexual manner. prsonally, I like aman to see more value in me than that.

Ily said...

There is nothing sexy about a woman like that...or a guy playing boyfriend to all those women while claiming to look for a wife. This has to be one of the worst examples of "reality" tv. I won't watch it...but I'll watch other trashy reality shows like "Celebrity Rehab" and "Rock of Love." Of course, Bret Michaels isn't fooling anyone when he says he's looking for just one girl.

dadshouse said...

Trash sells!

Linked to you from my blog today - love those CL ad translations you do. Trashy!! :-) (the ads, not your translations)

Danielle said...

Oh, as much as I hate to admit it, I watch the Bachelor too. I can't stand Jake though. Last season blew it for me with him. He is kind of a puss.

mac said...

Do they have the air conditioner on?
That girl looks cold ;-)

natalie said...

Senorita thanks for commenting on my blog! Please come back and commen on your new plans and your thoughts about Haiti!
hugs natalie