Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello ! I can hear you !

Hello There My Little Fluffy Marshmallows,

So while I was out and about I've overheard some interesting conversations that made me turn around and go "WTF" in my brain.

Sometimes people don't realize how loud they are and what they are talking about, and that nosy people like me can overhear them.

And if you are in a restaurant with others, and you see me eating by myself, watch out ! If your table is next to mine and I have nothing better to do than listen in, then I will listen while pretending to look elsewhere.

Now, I am no better. I can't tell you how many times I've been out with Ashleigh (or Le Porkstar) and said highly inappropriate things and everyone could hear me. But the difference was, I didn't give a shit. I was out to embarrass myself and get a few laughs and it was mostly on purpose.

Anyway, so I was at Target buying stuff for my new place. You know, cooking oil, a pan, stuff like that. So I was looking for cooking spray, and I overheard the stockers talking. A girl was basically talking to her male coworker very out loud about how the guy she was with basically left her pregnant. And I look down, and I could see she was showing. And she was kneeling on the floor stocking items. She was talking out loud about how the guy basically left her and told her "don't worry, I'll be back." The male coworker she was talking to basically told her if that's what he said then he would never be coming back. She told him that he was being mean, but I think he was being realistic.

Too bad, she was a real pretty, young girl. I can't imaging what it must be like for women to have to go through a pregnancy alone. It should be a time for the man and woman to bond, and every woman deserves to have a man to help her through it. She shouldn't have to resort to working a low paying job, doing strenous work just to make ends meet.

Anyway, a minute later I had to ask her where the cooking spray was, and she looked at me like " I just poured my heart out, I know you heard me, and now you want to ask me about cooking spray?" It was definitely an awkward moment.

And then a couple of days ago I was walking downtown to do an errand, and I overheard this guy on the sidewalk talking to his friend in a real loud voice. Basically he had sex with a minor, and he decided that he didn't care if the whole world could hear him or not. He was definitely an adult, a rather large, nasty, greasy one at that. So gross.

Anyway, he was talking to his female friend, and said "Yeah, so I had sex with a minor. Yeah, I fucked up, but so has everyone else ! Who hasn't ?

I was thinking " I can think of a lot of men that wouldn't touch a minor, you nasty fucking douchebag/cocknozzle/slimeball"

That was definitely something I didn't need to hear.

I also remember when I worked as a waitress at Red Lobster, there would be awkward moments, things I accidentally overheard, or tense moments where the husband and wife were fighting and would give me the stink eye when I came to their table. I remember one couple came to eat and talk about their divorce over mediocre seafood.

Anywho, that is all for now my little sugary fluffballs.

Have a nice weekend.


Big Mark 243 said...

Each story made me smile! Funny stuff and it makes a great idea for a website or journal about awkward overheard moments!

Bathwater said...

To bad a police officer didn't hear the fat ass confessing. I am pretty certain the majority of men don't have sex with minors.

MindyMom said...

I admit to being a talker that can be overheard sometimes and like you, I don't give a shit. I figure if they have nothing better to do than listen to a stranger ramble on, so what? Obiously I wouldn't say something in public I didn't want broadcast to the world though.

Too bad about the pregnant girl. Tough road ahead for her, I'm sure.

Ily said...

How sad to be pregnant and alone...I've had one friend give birth by herself (I didn't know her at the time) and the whole experience still haunts her. All those hours of labor ALONE. Horrible!

PS - If you're ever in Miami, I'll take you to an outdoor cafe on S. Beach and you can have fun saying all the inappropriate things you can think of...and you would blend right in. lol

mac said...

My son is 15. I cannot imagine having not been there for all those important things in his life, to include his birth. These guys who skip out on their kids and their "baby mamas" are incredible assholes.
That's not to say a woman can't raise children on her own. Quite the contrary, they can and do. But, knowing the issues involved with an absentee father, I would not, could not, do such a thing.
I do, however, feel the woman in question should have exercised better judgement as to who she slept with, and certainly who she opted not to use reliable birth control with.

You nailed the baby screwer guy....I concur.

But, yeah
I get a kick out of being loud sometimes, too. Especially when I'm around really uptight folks, they take it waaaaayyy too seriously ;-)

Secretia said...

I can't believe the number of single women having babies it's got to be around 40% single now.

Kerrie said...

Fluffy Marshmallows is one of my favourites.
I feel for the poor young girl she probably thought he would be back, as you do when your young. Did you get your cooking spray?
As for the sex with a minor guy, I hope she kneed him in his unmentionables.

Just telling it like it is said...

I am so nosy even if people arn't loud I think I hear what they say!!

tattytiara said...

" I just poured my heart out, I know you heard me, and now you want to ask me about cooking spray?"

That was hilarious.

You've given me the most terrible craving for marshmallows!

Tom Bailey said...

It is incredible what people will say in public where others can hear. Some people use their hearing level as everyones and maybe you have gifted hearing?

I hope you overhear things that make men look good sometimes too... lol. Those stories are not very male positive stories.

I heard one story recently about a man that was in a wheelchair that did really well in business and had cosigned for a student loan for a complete stranger.

But I will say the overhearing made for great stories.

Kindest regards,
Tom Bailey

Sweet-Britches said...

Oh gosh! How awkward!

But, don't feel bad about over-hearing that sort of stuff. I'm certain they're posting all this info anyway on all their myspaces and facebooks. :o)

natalie said...

oh my goodness I really do feel sorry foe her Senorita
there is not enough compassin in this world