Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Thoughts For My Lovelies.................

Hello There My Little Turtle Doves,

1.) So yesterday I discovered that I now have 59 readers ! Me love you long time, readers ! So you know what that means ? Ten more readers and I will have the magical 69 !

2.)  Bev in her blog recently talked about the worst movie she has ever seen, which to her, was The Watchmen. Even the sex scene was bad according to her. And if the sex is bad, then it is definitely a waste ! Anyway, she wanted her readers to tell her the worst movie we've ever seen. At the time I couldn't recall the name. But now I can, and my answer is American Me. Basically about a Mexican-American Mafia kinpin and his life after he was released from prison. There are so many Mexican gansters in my area, that this isn't just a movie, it's an ugly reality that takes up most of the time of our local district attorney.

My god, that film was so fucking awful that after I saw it I was angry that two hours of my life were stolen that I would never get back. I think what really got to me was the male rape scene in prison which I totally did not expect in addition to all the other gore in the film. Basically I was in college at the time, living in the dorms and my roommate and our friend had the fabulous idea to watch that film while drinking margaritas. Not even being tipsy helped, and the margaritas were gross. We all hated the movie so much that it became hilarious to us. So hilarious that my old roommate will suggest a reunion to watch American Me and drink cheap margaritas.

3.) Today I was at Subway ordering the footlong. How often do you ask someone to give you 12 inches ? Well I did for lunch, lol. Anyway, there was large guy behind me that for sure I thought was an ex bodyguard turned limo driver. He was huge, and he had absolutely no concept of personal space. Every time I inched closer, he just had to follow. It was like one of those people in traffic that just inches behind you as much as he can, even though you are at a traffic light and have nowhere to go.

What irked me was that the line was long, and I felt suffocated by this behemoth of a dude. I wanted to yell at him and tell him that he was invading my personal bubble. Luckily I didn't do that, as when I was at work, it turns out that he was there too. He could have been a visitor, employee, or executive. I was glad that I didn't lash out.

Anywho my little feathery friends, that is all for now.

Un beso !


Bev said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I will definitely avoid that movie at all costs. It sounds terrible!!

Good for you for not lashing out at the invader-of-personal-space in Subway. I am sure I would have been throwing dirty looks over my shoulder at him, too!

Christopher said...

Worst movie ever: 2012

I walked out of the theater! Awful.

Senorita said...

Bev, glad I could help you avoid another disaster.

Christopher, I noticed you're a new reader. Thanks for joining.

Almost everyone I know loves 2012. But I hate films like that, so it would end up on my film shit list too.

Shelly Rayedeane said...

I would have to absolutely agree about the movie The Watchmen. It is one of those movies where you keep thinking it is going to get better but it doesn't. Every time I was going to walk out of the theatre, the guy with the smurf penis would come back on and I stayed. I was appalled that this was supposed to be some movie for children to watch and there was nudity throughout the entire movie. Wtf? Which just goes to prove, nudity alone can never make a movie successful just like good looks alone can't. The only great acting in it was Downey and he didn't have a very big part.

Speaking of bubbles, I don't like it when people try to pop mine either. The bubble space is very important and should be respected. I hate it when I back up and people keep coming forward and don't get the hint. That's disrespectful.

Ily said...

Murder One is the worst film ever made. I was so disgusted and it left me in a mood I couldn't shake off for over a week. I walked out way too late.

Here's to 10 more readers!! Chin-chin! ;)

Candice said...

Ugh! I hate it when my personal space is invaded. It's a huge pet peeve of mine. You should have accidently elbowed him in the schlong.

mac said...

I supose I should make it official. I'll add you to my list - eventhough I am already a reader :-)

Worst movie of all time?
Gosh that list is soooo long, it's hard to pick one. I'll say, "Blair Witch Project" . Though that is just the moment now, I'm sure it will be replaced tomorrow. There is so much out there :-)

The guy invading your space?
I hate that. And, the guy who gets really close when he's talking to you. His breath is sooooo bad......Yuck.
But, he probably just thought you were a cute tiny lady and wanted to get close ;-)

* Ashleigh * said...

The Watchmen is a horrible movie - I thought it was never going to end! Plus I saw it with Douche Bag so double whammy there.

LYN said...


Bathwater said...

Sounds like the ex-body guard wanted to give you something too.

I felt the same way you did about that movie every time I watched the HBO series the Sopranos it was like watching the relatives.

dadshouse said...

Next time you are stuck in line, rather than yell at behemoths, ask them to add your blog in their reader. All in the name of 69! :-P

Secretia said...

When a person, usually male, invades my personal space behind me, the hairs on the back of my neck get all prickly. I can tell immediatelf if someine is almost touching my ass, it's like radar or something.


Deine Mutter said...

I have to agree with you my dear, about 'American Me." I too hated it with a passion and was upset at myself for watching it. Ugh!

If you want to see a "feel good" movie, watch Avatar, and watch it at IMAX 3D, it's truly awesome. Ok, so it's brain candy, but I still love it and I adore happy endings....oooops, wasnt meant to spoil it for you....