Friday, August 5, 2005

Depressing Post.

Hello Everyone,

Is it me or does life just move by too fast ? I felt like it took me forever to turn 21. After I had my 21st birthday my life sped up so fast. I feel like I turned 21 yesterday. And this year I will be 25.

I feel like I am getting old. I know that my parents hate it when I say that. Older folks tell me that I am young and that I still have my whole life ahead of me. I don't understand that. I know that I am still young. But still having my whole life ahead of me?

 Now I can see that one day I am going to get old. As a kid I just couldn't imagine that. Now I can see that it will happen one day. And I cherish the fact that I am still in my twenties.

My grandparents are getting older and one day they will move on while I am alive.I love them all to death and it's hard for me to imagine that. Now as I am getting older I realize that  I shouldn't take my loved ones for granted.

I have a younger brother and we used to fight. Now we bond when we see each other and I really love and care about him.

Anyways, thats all I have to say about that. I know it's sad but I've been thinking about this a lot lately.


jcrazytrain said...

Yes before you know it you will be 37 almost 38 like me. I think where has the time gone??? Cheer up :o) D

readmereadyou said...

Everyone thinks about their mortality or the mortality of those we love at one time or another. You started at the normal age. I find that people between 25 and 35 worry about it the most. I think it's a good thing. It reminds you to be kinder to those you love and live life to the fullest. Yes, you do have your whole life ahead of you. Don't you know they are predicting the average woman's life span to almost 100 these days? If you don't believe me, got to and type in life span or something like that. They even have a test that determines your life span. If you can't find it, I'll send it to you. You've only just begun. : )

happinessdreams said...

Hey there. Cheer up. Life is just beginning and your best years are still to come.

kdwsunshine said...

I often feel the same way. Life does move fast. I have been through so much since I was 21 and I will be 27 this year.
Take time to smell the roses.