Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My job and memories


Today was kinda nice because I went to one of our locations by the Benz dealer and sat in a brand new Benz. It smelled so good. What's nice about the new Benzes is that they have magnetic keys. Kinda hard to explain, but cool gadgets. Of course I couldn't take it for a spin. I was there to get one of our rental cars and drive it back to our branch. So while the guy was finding my car I sat in the Benz he was working on and just daydreamed a little. The guy found it amusing.

I also had to help an older couple. By older I mean about 83 years old. I picked them up at their house and helped them at our branch. They kinda reminded me of my grandparents so I was extra nice to them.

My boss was very nice as usual, but I could see that he was kinda annoyed with them because everything was moving along so slowly because they had a hard time walking. Even though they were taking up a lot of time, I just wasn't annoyed with them. It was like talking to my grandparents.

Helping them out and dealing with them made me think of what life will be like when I am in my eighties. How will people treat me ? Are people in customer service gonna smile to my face and help me out, but hope I disappear in the back of their heads? Plus watching them made me realize I am not gonna be in my 20s forever. Made me wanna  go home and change into a miniskirt and put on extra makeup.

I also helped another guy in his eighties earlier today. Real nice guy. Telling me stories about what Fremont (city where I work) was like when he moved there in 1957. Also gave me a little bit of his work history.

My favorite time to study is Pre World War II. So I really like it when I listen to older folks tell me about the old days. I also really love women's fashion from the 1930s and 1940s. So glamourous.

I remember looking at pictures of my grandma back in the day. She was so pretty. She looked like one of those Hollywood girls in the cinema. My great aunts were the same way. So glamourous looking. My grandpa tells me that they had diva attitudes to go with it.

Anyways, tommorow is another big day. I have a dinner to go to at my job. I just got my nails done. And I gotta say that my hands look pretty damn good right now.

I will talk to you later. Ciao :)



kdwsunshine said...

Its great that you have patience like that. Working in customer service, patience is a must.

zoorisk said...

Dealing with the elderly one must be very patient.  After all we are all going to get there one day and it would be very nice if some young person treats us with respect as well.  Keep up the good work.