Sunday, August 28, 2005

Summary and Thoughts

Hello Everyone,

It's amazing how much I sleep on the weekends. During the week I keep going and going and on the weekends I just let it all out. I sleep, I am lazy, I get my errands done and I try to go out.

My branch manager called me yesterday and made sure I was alright. He knows that in addition to everything at work, that I am STILL trying to adjust to living here in the states after being away for a year. I am mentally adjusted. Its just that I still have a lot to do such as finding a place, saving up money to move out, my new car, my new job, ect.........

That was really nice of him. The managers around here tend to feel personally responsible for their employees. And for good reason. The more they care, the harder we work and get them promoted. Because really, if I am not doing well with the company he doesn't get promoted. That's how our company works. And because I know he cares and is trying to help me, I will in return do the same for him.

I also had my first Spanish lesson yesterday. I went to her house for the private lesson. We sat in her beautiful backyard. My God, the weather was gorgeous. She has about 80 rosebushes. She also has an adorable boxer and a black cat. Those two play like best friends.

My teacher was born and raised in Columbia and speaks 7 different languages. I sure would like to be like that someday. Anyways, we spoke in Spanish and she had me read out loud and explain what I read.

I can speak Spanish and write down what people say to me. However reading and immediately comprehending more than a paragraph is still difficult for me. In Barcelona I was always reading advertisements and signs. I did try to sit down and read books, but after all the effort, I would usually get tired, put the book down and go watch Spanish TV instead.

I also got all dolled up yesterday and went out with my friend. We went to Santana Row, a really posh shopping area around here with nice restaurants. We first went to a Mexican restaurant and I had Snapper with green peppers. What I didn't realize was that those green peppers were jalapenos. In Spain green peppers were bell peppers. So my mouth was burning and my lips were on fire. The busboys were having a laugh and telling me to eat more tortillas.

After the restaurant we went to an upscale bar to just lounge around. We walked around and had a nice view out on the balcony and just talked about you know, what gals talk about. But there weren't a lot of people so we decided to go home early. I think that we arrived a little to early. Oh well. But I still had a nice evening. For once, it wasn't cold out.

I forgot to mention yesterday's hospital visit. I went at around 7am to get my eyes looked at and there was no wait. That was sweet. The wait the night before would have been 3 hours. I also noticed that there were crucifixes in every room. I liked that since I believe in God. The nurses were also really nice to me. And that really is a plus in a hospital.

And how could I leave out the EMTs. I have never seen an ugly EMT. They are all so fine, and did I mention muscular ?? Wow. Anyways, my little room was next to the administrative desk so I saw them talking to the secretaries. Anyways, this older Asian woman comes out and yells at them and demands a doctor. "How come I have no doctor"? "Where is he"? "We've been sitting here and waiting?"  She was waiting for less than 5 minutes.

They told her politely so sit down and someone would be with them. But no, she wouldn't take that for an answer. So about 2 minutes later she comes out and bitches again. And the hot EMT tells her in a stern voice to sit down. But she still comes out. And thats when he yells at her like a father and demands her to sit down and wait because she's not gonna die. "You're  in an emergency room for crying out loud !!. The other docs are seeing other people right now."  He is my new hero.

What the fu** is wrong with some people ??!! It's a hospital !! Not Nordstrom or Enterprise where employees are rated on customer service. I am so glad she got yelled at. Seriously, I felt lucky to be in an American hospital. When I was in Barcelona I got good health care, but it seemed like the one I was at yesterday was cleaner and more advanced. Oh, and the staff was nice. You can't ask for more than that. And it pissed me off like this woman DEMANDED to be seen right away. She should have tried to pull this crap in a foreign hospital. But the thing is, is that she is a foreigner. She should know the differences. Or maybe the hospitals in her country wait on her hand and foot. But I doubt it. Maybe she just felt entitled.

My job is based on customer service. I am sincerely nice to people. But sometimes people can get on my nerves and I have to kiss some ass anyways because I am never ever allowed to be rude or raise my voice. I do love my job right now, but Ialso can't wait until these days are over and I get to let ignorant people have a piece of my mind.

Anyways, that's enough for now. I hope you all have a wonderful week.


jcrazytrain said...

OMG there is this deli worker that I has no business have a customer service job at my local store. I am so close to telling her too. She drives me nuts LOL D

kdwsunshine said...

I have never seen an ugly EMT either. I have dated a couple, and they always make good boyfriends.
I hope that your spanish lessons benefit you.