Tuesday, August 23, 2005

More digs on the job

Hello there everyone,

Today was a good day at work. I got to drive the Cadillac Escalade three times today. That was so cool. I didn't think my boss would ever let me do that.

I also drove brand spanking new cars around. I had to deliver them to my branch because we are getting a bunch of new cars in our fleet. Gotta say that I love the brand new car smell.

I absolutely love Mercedes Benz, but I haven't had the chance to drive one of those yet, probably because they are always rented. So I will really be happy when I get to finally drive a Benz. One of our branches is located next to the Benz and Porsche dealer. So maybe one of these days.

My boss also bought us lunch today and I was so hungry that I polished off the sandwhich like I hadn't eaten in days. But I was stoked that I didn't have to pay for lunch today.

What else? I help lots of customers and am real bad at remembering names. And it kinda makes me feel guilty. Today I had this guy who I helped earlier call me by my first name, and I didn't even remember him. He was asking me how the job was and how things are going and being real nice. I always appreciate it when people are just nice to me. Turns out I put him and his wife in the car earlier and he came back to do a change.

I also dropped this lady off at the mechanic and we had a nice talk. She just lost her husband after 30 years and was giving me advice as a single woman. She was talking about her daughters who are my age and telling me that I should go out and travel. I really enjoyed that conversation.

Anyways, thats about all for today.


jcrazytrain said...

What kinda sandwich??? :o)) I am hungry can you tell. Escalade one of my favorites!!! Lucky You, don't they ride smooth    D

kdwsunshine said...

It sounds like you have a good job, the people interaction is great. I have lots of people interaction though, but they aren't our most prominent citizens, so its usually not positive conversation!