Saturday, August 27, 2005

The rest of this week in a nutshell. Long Entry

Hello everyone :)

This week has been busier than normal for me. I had a number of things happen to me this week.

1.) I sold my first car. I recommend buying our used cars when I talk to customers. Especially since I bought mine and I am happy with it so far. So, one of my leads ended up buying. And she loves her new car. That made me very happy.

2.) I got my 30 day review. Everyone gets reviews at Enterprise, so I got mine. So far so good. Best review I ever got.

3.) I went to the Champions Dinner, which is a dinner to honor people who have been doing exceptionally well. I was invited this time because I am a new hire and my boss wants to motivate me to do well. In order to go next time I have to meet some requirements. It was a nice dinner at Dave and Busters. I met with our managers and ate and played games.

4.) I got in a minor car accident on the job. I was turning on a GREEN light and the guy across ran into me because he THOUGHT his light was green. I was driving a new company car. And this guy's car that he hit me with was only two days old. He didn't even have his plates on. Way to go for him, huh? He just hit the right rear. So none of us were hurt and we were less than a block from my job. I nicely demanded documentation up front.

I felt that I got lucky. First of all this guy stopped and didn't run off. Second of all, he admitted fault right off the bat and appologized a million times. In my last accident the guy tried to yell at me. Third, we weren't hurt. I can deal with pretty much anything else if I am not hurt.

4.) I had to go to the hospital this morning because my eyes were burning and swelling on the job from yesterday. I would have gone last night but there was a three hour wait and I knew that I wasn't going to die or go blind.

Anyways, what happened is that I have really dry, sensitive eyes and also I got sawdust in my eyes when I was at a towyard. So I tried to cry it out and it burned like fire. So then I got all worked up and of course my eyes got redder and I didn't know what was going on. So I just decided it would be safe to get them looked at. Praise the Lord for Workers Comp.

5.) I work with all guys. So what happens is that they have their guy talk right in front of me and exclude me. Which is fine, because I understand that they can't talk to me like a man. They can't talk to me about football, their cars or weekend plans.They also can't talk to me about boning another chick, call another girl a cunt behind her back, nor can they call me a dousche bag or fuckface. This means that I am ignored, unless of course we are working on something together. I know that they are not doing this on purpose. They are nice guys and don't mean it. We are all hard workers and just want to do our job right so the boss is happy and we get promoted.

I have a sick twisted sense of humor like they do and what they say doesn't really offend me. It takes a lot to make me mad. But they STILL think that I am going to go to the HR department and complain, despite me telling them to relax. So therefore they just kinda have conversations IN FRONT of my face but ignore me. It bothers me because I went to school with one of these guys so he knows how I am. We worked on our class project and he had no problem talking to me. Now he kinda ignores me when we aren't working on something.

 I am not asking to be one of the guys, I am just tired of feeling like a jackass when I try to talk to them and I get ignored. I can't wait until we get another girl or until I get transferred. Hell, I can't wait until I get promoted so I can just leave. And that's too bad for them because according to my manager I am doing a wonderful job there and as soon as I learn more I will be pretty damn good.

What else? I am just really exhausted right now. I also look like hell. And the funny thing is that after I got out from the hospital and stopped somewhere for breakfast, I ran into 3 people I know. And I was trying to avoid the world.

I am in one of those moods where I just want to hide out like a hermit and avoid people. I feel like almost anything could get my panties in a knot right now. I think that the main thing is that I need to chill out right now.

So, that's all for now. I have a Spanish lesson soon so I am gonna get ready. I'll update soon.



zoorisk said...

Congrats on the good review and on sale of the new car.  I do hope you get well soon.

kdwsunshine said...

Congrats on the car selling and review. It sounds like you are doing really well. I work on a male dominate shift, so I feel ya on that one.
I hope your eyes are feeling better, mine were really bad the other week after the goat incident.