Monday, August 8, 2005

Manic Monday

Hello Everyone,

Today started out rough. We got two complaints sent in this morning. My manager was pissed. I have no idea what happened but we are gonna find out. Then we got very busy. People flooded in and the phones were ringing like no tommorow. Adn we were understaffed today. Then an old lady decided to bitch me out over the phone because we were out of full-size cars. My lovely manager decided to let me be the designated one to handle her.

Last week I drove all the way to this woman's house and tried to switch her into a bigger size car. But after a half hour of questions she didn't want it anymore because she was freaked out by the gears. I have no idea why because all of our cars are automatic. But whatever. After trying to convince her that I only cared that she was comfortable and was willing to do whatever it takes to help her, I left her alone.

So she calls us up today and wants a full size car. But we don't have any because it's high rental season. I tried looking at other Enterprise locations and they are out. But she wouldn't believe me. So she decided to bitch and moan at me for another few minutes and tells me that she always has problems with us every time she rents with us. And I listened and appologized and kissed her ass some more. And I will do the same tommorow.

Really, this woman doesn't bother me. Despite how she comes across I know she is not trying to make my life miserable. In fact, I don't even mind helping her. It's all part of the job. I know that I will have to deal with much worse. Welcome to Enterprise.

But I did have a good day. For starters I had to drop off three big, gorgeous firemen back at their hotel. I was blushing the whole way. They were in town for the firemen competition in Fremont. Now why didn't I hear about that? I would've watched that. As they were leaving the car I smiled and told them to be sure to send me a copy of their next calendar. I am such a dork.

Men in uniform. I am really not picky. Police uniform. Fireman uniform. EMT. Military uniform. Sailor uniform. Mechanic uniform. Construction gear. Okay, maybe a little picky because I don't really like the UPS uniform. But you get my point. Elisa knows what I am talking about.

Anyways, I am gonna stop here. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.




kdwsunshine said...

Kathi knows what you are talking about too... ;)

jcrazytrain said...

when the UPS guy is gorgeous I don't see the uniform I imagine him naked LOL D

happinessdreams said...

Damn right! I know what you are talking. Love my men in uniform.