Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Name Brand Dropping

Hello Everyone,

Today I had to get up at 5am for a morning meeting at 6:15. I worked till 7pm even though we close at 6pm. My branch is busy, so I am always doing something. I am either answering the phones, picking up customers, driving customers somewhere, cleaning the cars or checking them into their cars.

Today my boss gave me and my other new coworker $50 each because when a customer was called during our survey, they said that they were completely satisfied with our service. But we got the money also because they remembered our names. That was sweet for me since I am so broke. They filled up my gas tank and gave me the other $25 towards Starbucks.

The reason I am happy about this is because it will go into my file and definitely help me when it's time to prove why I am eligible for a promotion. Every little but counts.

My coworker told me that if I got a 100% on my exam (I took on Mon) that he would take me out to lunch. Well, I also got a 100%, so he owes me lunch. I don't know if he was serious or not. But now I am holding it to him. I am broke and hungry so I will make sure that I get my meal.

What else?? During my lunch break I went to the shopping mall across the street and strolled around. Of course the guy at the T-mobile sales booth was trying to get me to sign up with T-Mobile. I usually try to walk to the other side and igore them, but I decided to talk to him because I was in a good mood. I just renewed my contract with Verizon for the 3rd year so I figured at least I could debate with him.

It's funny how those guys are all in your face and try to convince you that their service is better. They just forget that little detail: $175 termination fee. I told him that if he would eat that termination fee that I would consider it. Because I like their rates and I would be willing to try them.

But I still like Verizon. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I have been with them for 3 years and they have treated me well. They have good service and are more reliable. I had Cingular for 3 years and they screwed me over royally. So I definitely will shell out more for good customer service and reliability.

While I was at the Mall I also walked through the Cosmetics department at Macys. I was sampling all these perfumes. I still smell like a department store. I really like the perfume from Sarah Jessica Parker. Estee Lauder also had their promotions going on. If I spend $24.50 with them I get a free gift. I always love their gifts. I want their foundation which is $30. So if I just buy that then I get their gift. I am gonna have to wait for payday on that.

Anyways, I am done talking about my job and other companies today. I better go home and get some rest.





zoorisk said...

congrats on a job well done.  Keep up the good work, hopefully Starbbucks will reward you for being one of there best customers.

readmereadyou said...

Well, congrats that things are going so well at work. Good job, girl. : )
And yes, the perfume and Estee Lauder makeup department are always fun. I feel like a kid in "Toys R Us" at a makeup counter. : )

resettozero said...

"If you pass the test with 100% I'll take you out to lunch"

This guy sounds pretty clever.  A lot better disguised than "duh duh duh... wanna go out sometime???"

Of course the downside is that you may be completely oblivious as to <i>why</i> he is taking you out to lunch...  but to each man his own trials and debt.

wallstreetsmart said...

Hey Resettozero,

Actually, this guy that offered to take me to lunch if I got a perfect score is one of my managers. He would be paying with it out of the company funds. I guess that I also forgot to mention that he also offered this lunch deal to my male coworker too. It's just that the male coworker failed to get a perfect score. If we do well, then he gets promoted in the end. Also, I went to college with him and we worked on our senior project together and got a kick ass score.

I don't see how he is subtly trying to ask me out. But hey, maybe you can educate me since you know more this than I.