Monday, August 22, 2005

Glad the Weekend is over

Hello there everyone,

After I wrote yesterday's entry my horrible date over the weekend called me back to appologize that he was so grumpy. I didn't get the call because I was in another room. But I am not calling him back. He should have stopped me from walking out the door yesterday, but he didn't so it's too late. I didn't yell, didn't argue, nothing. I got up and left after him blowing me off. Had he even appologized then I would have turned around. But nothing. So I said goodbye to his cat and didn't let the door hit my ass on the way out.

 I already know what his excuses are....... He works seven days a week. He's tired. And he tries to make me feel little because I don't work as hard as him. (I work 60 hrs a week. Excuse me for not working 70)  He tells me I don't know what it's like to work seven days a week. Like hell I do (college and weekend job), but I wasn't gonna compete with him. I don't make excuses with him so I won't accept them from him.

He's grumpy because he's hungry. Tired because he didn't have a cigarette. And this was only the second time I went out with him. I don't even wanna know what else would have been in store for me had I stayed longer. Personal insults?

Yesterday I was supposed to have my private Spanish class but the woman cancelled on me for the second time. She did this to me the weekend before last. I haven't even met her yet because she keeps cancelling !!! I am gonna give her one last chance and then I am gonna have to look elsewhere. It's really hard to find a spanish lessons for upper level students, especially since I work long hours during the week.

Today at work was long and rough today, but my boss seems happy with my performance so I guess it was worth it. I work my butt off at Enterprise. At least our Happy Hour is coming up. I also have a couple of other events to go to. I have a breakfast with my managers. I also get to go to a nice dinner this Thursday for people who do well with sales. They are inviting me because I am new so I can observe and be inspired to do well.

I really do hope I do well with the company. They have a wonderful training program and I could really go far in a year or two. Lord knows I need it.

Anyways, that's all for now folks :)


mystiktb said...

You're a hotty and u can do better. As a matter of fact, I will fly out and take you on a date (smile)

happinessdreams said...

So what happened to that guy?