Sunday, August 14, 2005

What a weekend

Hello Everyone,

Normally my weekends are pretty routine. I sleep in, do my errands and see my family. Once in a while I see my friends.

This weekend I actually went out. That was fun. I went out on Friday with my friend to Satana Row. We went to a sushi lounge an then the Valencia Hotel after, which has a really, really nice bar. Not one of those run down bars I used to go to in college. A lot of people to socialize with. I didn't stay too late because I was so tired. But I did talk to a lot of people. It was just nice to socialize.

Yesterday I had a date and we went to the concert in San Francisco to see the Black Eyed Peas and the Dave Mathews band at SBC park. The view was so gorgeous because you could see the view of the San Francisco bay and the Bay Bridge as well as the rest of the city.

At first we went to dinner across the stadium and then we saw the concert. At the restaurant the line for the ladies restroom was soooo long that some girls ended up using the men's restroom, which was what I did. It was funny because while I was in there 2 girls were talking and the other men told them to just shut up and do their business.

I liked SBC park because we had upper seats and we were not crowded by people. It was nice to take a break during the concert to just walk around and look at the city.

I am sad that the weekend is over and that I have to get back into my routine of working hard. But that's life.


jcrazytrain said...

Oh don't be sad sounds like you had a great time. My son loves the black eyed peas. I love sushi :o) D

happinessdreams said...

Oh it sounds someone had fun. Did u meet any guys? I love the Dave Mattews band and the Black Eyed Peas. I'm  soooo glad u got to go out.

kdwsunshine said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend...thats too funny about the bathroom! lol