Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The latest job updates

Hello Everyone,

Today was interesting and fun. I got to drive a convertable. A Mitsubishi Spyder to be exact. And I put the top down. I let my hair flow in the wind and turned up the radio. It was so much fun. I still can't wait to drive a Benz. I am waiting for that day.

I also won a gift certificate for the place of my choice as well as a paid half day off. I chose the gift certificate for Wal Mart.

I also met my area manager for coffee. He called me up and told me to meet him at Starbucks. I even got to take another car. We talked about my job and how things were going. Then he told me that he was gonna transfer me.

I am gonna get transferred to a smaller, less busier branch closer to home, and I will be working with one other guy. So there will be just us two and a car cleaner. I will be getting more personalized training so that I can learn faster and he can eventually transfer me to the busiest branch, which is in the middle of the Porsche and Benz Dealer. Gotta love that.

I am a little happy to get transferred because I worked with a jerk. This guy and I started the same day, are at the same level and he is trying to tell me what to do and boss me around, without being polite and saying please. He tries to make me look like an idiot and tells me that he is only telling me things so that I don't look stupid. And half the time the stuff he tells me is wrong. The funniest thing is that when we first started on the job he sat me down and told me that he is going to do everything he can to help me and that if he gets extra sales, that he'll give them to me. And then I beat his numbers, so I guess he wasn't that happy and has to make himself look better because he knows I don't have the highest self esteem.

But at the same time, I will miss my branch manager because he really has done a wonderful job training me so far, and has done his best to take care of me and make sure that I am okay on the job.

I will also miss the hot guys at the Ford dealership and the mechanic shops, and the firemen that have rented from us. But not all is lost because the new location will be in front of the police station and fire department.

I also wanted to extend my thoughts out to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I know that there is a lot of chaos and suffering down there. We should all be thankful for what we have because it can be taken away any time. Health, family and material possesions can all go overnight.

That's all for now. Good night :)


jcrazytrain said...

OH my son loves the new spyder. He is 8:o) I am a Vette girl so don't rub it in too hard if you drive one of those:o) D

happinessdreams said...

Congrats on winning a gift certificate!