Sunday, January 8, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Hello All,

Every Sunday is the same. I lay around and do nothing. Although today I will at least get out of bed and practice dance. But I also need to do my laundry and iron my clothes.

Doing laundry has been made so easy, unlike the old days. I just gotta wash, dry and fold. It's not like I have to haul it to a lake and scrub my clothes by hand. I just gotta stuff it in the wash, and it's done. But no, I am a lazy American girl and I still procrastinate. Go figure.

Same with food. It's not like I have to chop down wood, start a fire, boil some water and chop vegetables. Oh no. I can simply boil water on a stove and put in dry noodles and some sauce. But no, I am too lazy to even heat something up.

Every weekend I am just tired from the week and wanna lie around for a while. The weather is beautiful right now. I should be outside walking around or doing something productive. But instead I am sitting in bed typing this.

Okay, I am gonna get outta bed now and practice some dance.

Ciao :P


kdwsunshine said...

I like being lazy on my weekends off too, and then I get
mad at myself for not doing anything later.

jcrazytrain said...

OHHH I need a day like that good for you gurl!