Friday, January 20, 2006

My Coworkers are sick !!

Hello All,

I work with four other men. And for the most part they joke around with me like a guy. Today my assistant manager decided to take a huge dump, photograph it with his camera phone and send the picture to me. Then him and my othercoworker eagerly waited for me to receive the picture and giggled like schoolboys when I finally did. This is the same dude that likes to burp and fart in my direction.

Yesterday was funny too. His wife is newly pregnant so he was trying to find a gynecologist for her. We were all bored and had no customers so he was asking me to help him find one. Never have I ever had a man ask me about a gynecologist. Anyways, he called our healthplan and was joking with the secretary. Some of the things I heard him say:

"No, this is not for me."

"Isn't it wierd that me, a dude is asking you to help find me a gynecologist?

"Don't you think it's wierd that male gynecologists know more about the vagina than most women.?"

I thought it was sweet of him to do that for his wife.

Anyways, on to other things..................................

Bellydance Superstars are back in town and they will be performing in about 2 weeks. I am so excited to see them again. I saw them in Barcelona and they were so beautiful and graceful. Very inspiring.

I also practiced some more moves after work today. I love to just get up and dance freestyle. But I wish I knew how to choreograph routines. I know a few routines that were taught to me, but I wish I knew how to choreograph routines and then actually practice my own stuff.

I also danced with the sword again today. I realized that I have to build more strengh in my upper arms and my quads before I will be able to do the routine properly. But I am improving and it's only a matter of time.

Anyways, off to chill out. Ciao.




zoorisk said...

That must have been a pretty picture your boss sent you.  Make sure you try and get to speak with the Bellydancer Superstars who knows what tips they might give you.  Take pics so you can study some of there moves and enjoy the show when you go see them.  I am sure the more you practice and carry around the sword your arms will become stronger.  Good luck with everything.

kdwsunshine said...

I would have thrown up if I got a picture like that....GROSS!
I hope that you enjoy seeing the dancers perform in 2 weeks.

happinessdreams said...

eww gross. I hope you got so see the dancers, i know how much you like that.