Sunday, January 22, 2006

My Ramblings of the day

Hello all,

I was listening to my favorite alternative song. It's my fave because I love the guitars and how the artists kind shouts while he sings. I love alternative songs where the artist is passionate whether he/she is excited, angry or confused. The song is Bottom of a Bottle by Smile Empty Soul. So anyways, I was listening a little closer and I realized that the song was about this guy who's depressed and how he gets over it thru drugs and alcohol. I was relating to him until he was talking about drugs and alcohol, lol.

This morning is one of those mornings. I just don't wanna get outta bed. Last night I had an awful dream. Not really a nightmare, but a dream thats more close to reality. I ain't gonna lie. I feel so shitty. At least I don't feel as shitty as I did yesterday. Thankfully I have things to do today and I can't afford to just lie here in bed all day.

Last week I was excited and confident about finding a new job and my new place and I was coming along in dance. This week I just don't know anymore. I am sick of all the changes. I wish I could be settled a while before I make the next change. Right now I feel awful. I feel so alone. Alone in a sense that no one really can relate to how I feel.

I did a dance performance yesterday. I wore my new costume. My friend and I performed and it was a lotta fun. They loved us.

I really love bellydance with all my heart. I struggle with the moves sometimes. But it's a nice feeling to get all dolled up and pull it all off. I am still practicing with the sword, but it requires a lot of arm and back strength and I am still working on that part. I can't wait till I get to perform with the sword in public. We have our big performance in March.

I love practicing dance because its a good workout. But also because it makes me feel better.  If I feel like shit, sometimes dancing makes me feel better.

Okay, I am gonna get out of bed now and get stuff done. Enough bitching, lol.


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