Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Yay for a half day !!!

Hello there my lovelies..........

Today is a half day from work. I am taking as many half days that I can get away with, which is once a week so far. I need free time during the week. I think I can take one more next week without my boss saying stuff to me. What is a girl to do ?  I know, since my bosses are all males I can say that I have some serious women problems and need to go to the gynecologist. They'll be so grossed/wierded out that they won't even bother to question me. lol. And knowing how amazingly sick my imagination is I can dream up some nasty female sickness.

Anyways, the weather BLOWS today. It is cold and rainy. When I go back to work I am sure that our car prep won't be there. If I have to walk out there and vacuum, I am gonna have a real bitch fit. I am STILL getting over bronchitis and they really don't care.

On another note, I found the music video for the song Pretty Girl by Sugar Cult. I LOVE that song. They played it for a short time before the band just disappeared. I love it so much that I added it to my My Space profile. But knowing me, I am sure I'll change my music video again soon.

Okay, enough for now. Talk to y'all later. Ciao.


zoorisk said...

Enjoy every half day you can take and get away with.  Make sure you take care of your health that is very important.

kdwsunshine said...

I don't blame you for snitching the half sounds like no one else bothers to come to work

happinessdreams said...

i love half days! enjoy them!