Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What is up???

Hello there my lovelies,

I am exhausted. I have a lot going on in my life right now. So much to do in so little time.

What else? My face is breaking out ALL OVER. I don't understand. I haven't broken out like this since I was a teenager. I look awful. My coworker decided to tell me that I am breaking out. As if I didn't already notice.

I went to the doctor today and he told me I am still not fully over my bronchitis. He said that my nose and throat are swollen after looking inside. He also said that I probably have allergies. I didn't know that. I have been bragging to people that I don't have allergies. Well, I guess I was wrong after all.

So, he gave me a steriod for my lungs and an antihistimine for my sinus. I have to take them both and I feel tired and dizzy. I just wanna lie down and stare at the ceiling for a while.

Did I mention that at work we have a bum that sleeps in our parking lot? Really makes our office look attractive. I work close to a homeless shelter and this dude likes to camp out during the day. Why won't he pick another parking lot ? I am getting tired of being stared at while I check in cars.

Speaking or cars, I had to wash and vacuum more cars yesterday. Our car prep decided not to show up AGAIN. So I was sitting in the car and vacuuming and when I got up, I saw nasty dirt streaks all down my pants. I was pissed. Rental cars are so nasty. I should be out marketing and seeking out new business. Instead out office is a little understaffed and I am forced to do the most basic duties. This is so not what I went to college for.

Plus, we have mice. I saw this mouse run out from the cabinet to the bathroom. It was a cute creature with beady little eyes that just scurried about. We were having our morning meeting and it decided to surprise us all.

Anyways, that is all for now. Ciao :)




kdwsunshine said...

Eww on the dirt, homeless man and mice.....You have your work cut out for you!
I wonder if your face breaking out is from all the meds that you have been on lately. Sometimes antibiotics will make you do that.

happinessdreams said...

i hope u feel better. mice...ewww.