Monday, January 9, 2006

What a Day !!!!

Hello there my lovelies,

Today was freakin' crazy !! Okay, usually there are six of us in the office. Five of us and a car prep to wash the cars. Well, only three of us came to work. (The car prep was NOT one of those ppl). Plus, it was busy. So we had half the people and double the work. Plus we had to clean the cars ourselves. I hate cleaning rental cars. Half the time they smell like fast food and ass. Our Chevy Cavaliers are the worst. That fast food/ass smell is just embedded in the crevices of the car seats with the cheesy 1970s fabric. Our cargo vans are the worst. They smell like sweaty ass crack.

I spent my entire day running back and forth to do errands, pick up and drop off people and maybe answer the phones and type up a person's contract here and there. Some genius customer of ours returned our car to us in our parking lot but decided to LOCK THE KEYS in the car, so we couldn't rent it out for a while. I didn't eat lunch till 2pm. Luckily I didn't have to clean any cars.

My assistant manager wasn't so lucky. He had to wash cars. Get this: We have a wash bucket outside and someone SHAT in our washbucket. So he filled the bucket with water and soap and started stirring the brush around. And when he was scrubbing the car and windows with the brush, he wondered why the FUCK there was shit smeared all over the windows and the rest of the car. I woulda paid some good money to see his reaction.

I just wanna know why someone would shit in there ? I mean, we have tons of bushes and trees. I swear, I feel like I work in the ghetto. We have bums around and once in a while they use our bathrooms to bathe.

And while I am ranting, I am sick of being hit on/oggled by married men. I am a magnet for that shit, and I don't even ask for it. Eew.

Well, thats all for now folks. Ciao :)


teesbabe00 said...

You have me LMAO ROTF!!!! :)

resettozero said...

sorry shnookums, I really had to go, and the bucket allowed me a super quick washup.

happinessdreams said...

eww not very nice smells.

kdwsunshine said...

That is disgusting.