Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lots To Do

Hello There My Lovelies,

So I just took my second midterm this week. This one was in Family Law. My teacher asked a question of something he NEVER mentioned in class. When I told him that, he told me he wasn't gonna take my word for it. WTF???? He's just gonna wait to see what all the other students will write. I guarantee that we all got that question wrong.

He also gave us a study session. In that session he told us not to worry about knowing about annullments because he never really got into it. And guess what made it onto my exam. That is not fair, because he told us not to worry about it. Yet he still wants to hold us responsible. Either make me know everything, but if you are going to tell us not to worry about something, don't hold me responsible for it. Is this what it will be like when I start working for an attorney ???

What else is new......... I have been working overtime this week. I will do the same next week.I have bills to pay. My car insurance bill alone is monstrous. Plus I treated myself this week to eating out at restaurants. One of which was last night to get through studying with my classmates.

The good news is that I am almost half way done with the school quarter. The last quarter should be my last before graduation.

Anywho, back to my next class.

Ciao :)

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