Friday, October 31, 2008

No More AOL Blog

Hello Everyone,

I almost forgot to mention that my AOL blog is officially gone :( I am glad that I backed up all my writings here. I will miss the AOL format. I've been blogging for almost 5 years now. You think that you'll feel the same way about things down the road, but that is simply not the case. I think I've changed a lot.

I also had a lot of pictures on my AOL blog. Unfortunately they didn't make it over to this blog, but I was able to save them to another service. AOL is also deleting their photo albums by the end of this year.

I did have a second journal on AOL that was private, but I save it all and deleted it before AOL did. I was going to transfer it over here, but in order to do that I would've had to make it public for a few minutes so all the files could transfer. NOT GONNA HAPPEN ! So I just deleted it. Maybe I will bring that back, maybe not. Probably not.

I went back and read some of what I wrote, and man was it juicy. Only people that I didn't know in person could read it, as I tried to remain somewhat anonymous. I wrote about what ever I felt like. And even then I held back. Even in my private journals in my house I hold back. I feel like I don't want there to be a record of the whole me. I also feel like I sometimes don't want to be completely honest and admit certain things to myself. Maybe I can do that down the road.

Speaking of other journals......... I stumbled upon my journals while I was in high school. It was interesting to see my point of view on love and what I wanted in a boyfriend. My how 10 years can change a person. By the time I was done reading, I felt a little depressed. I had no clue about the reality of the dating world back in high school. I grew up very sheltered. By the time I stumbled out into the dating world I was in for such a rude awakening. Rude awakening of how my expectations were out of touch with reality, and also a rude awakening of how mean people can really be.

Okay, enough for now.............

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