Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Scribbles

Hello There My Lovelies,

Okay, so I should be studying right now but I am taking a short break to write this entry. I have an exam tomorrow. Just brushing over the concepts of criminal law. Luckily I am allowed a sheet of notes. I will be waking up early tomorrow to caffeinate myself and review my notes.

Today was fairly relaxed. I slept in a little and my friend Shira came over to visit my new place. It was nice to see her, since we've both been kinda busy. Then we went for lunch. Yummy ! We went to Gordon Biersch, and I had some garlic fries along with my sandwich. Those fries are loaded with garlic. I will be burping garlic for three days.

I still haven't fully unpacked. I suppose that I could've hunkered down and finished. But, I was feeling lazy and didn't feel like bothering. Especially since we have TV and I haven't watched YV shows for almost 2 years. That, and the fact that I now have access to a pool and wanted to swim and chill in the hot tub.

So therefore everything is still in a massive state of disorganization. Simply getting dressed every morning is quite an adventure because I have to put in effort to even locate my clothes. I will work on more unpacking tommorow.

Anywho, back to studying :)

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