Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bloggy Love Time !

Hello There My Little Fuzzy Puppies,

So..... Pippi tagged me on the ass a few days ago. Basically, my little helpless balls of fur, I have to predict where I will be in the next ten years.

I am 29 years old, so I will be 39 and about to turn 40. A lot changes in a decade. I know my life has turned upside down, in and out in the last decade. I have moved at least ten times, graduated twice, changed my path in life, discovered my passions, traveled and lived abroad, and a toooooon more that I just don't have time to get into.

There is no way I could've predicted where I would end up ten years ago. No way that I would've guessed 10 years ago that my life would still be in limbo.

So, to ask me to tell you what I think I will be doing as I am about to turn 40 ? I have no fucking idea, especially since I can't even predict my life in the next week, let alone the next decade. Things change so unexpectedly in my world.

I will tell you that I hope I am happily married and wealthy, and in the best shape of my life. A girl can dream, right ? I can't just expect a man to fall out of the sky, but I am working on the financials and getting into better shape.

I guess I just want to be happy. That's all I can really ask for.

Anywhore, enough talking about me, time to chose 5 people to tag on the ass ::slap::slap::

1.) Red Shoes

2.) Bama Trav, my bloggy lover

3.) Bev

4.) Ashleigh, my Mama Cita

5.) Mac, my favorite blog perv

Okay, so that is all for now !

Besitos !


Jon said...

So all rich men of world watch out....

Pesto Sauce said... is tough to predict

Pesto Sauce said...

Nice pic on top btw...u look delicious

Secretia said...

It's emotionally hard for me to think ten years into the future.


BamaTrav said...

You will have to tell me what I am doing with that slap. In ten years, I guess we will be married, you will have moved to Alabama, gotten in the whole surburbian lifestyle, beat the crap out of the one kid that I swore I would never have, but did. I will say that I am too old for all this and you will say walking out the door, "do you want me to pick up your just for men when I fill your cialis prescription?" LOL!!!!

EmmaK said...

ooh darling enjoy your twenties while you can ...I am 39 now and it becomes harder to keep oneself toned and taut although on the upside sex keeps getting better and better!

Danielle said...

It is a hard question that is for sure. We can only hope!

Bathwater said...

When I turned 40 I wanted to turn 29 again. The wish hasn't changed but the years still pile on.

MindyMom said...

I just want to take back the last 10 years! Not been a good decade for me at all. Lets hope the next is MUCH better.

Ily said...

I hope you get everything you want and more! You have so many good years left in you and to inspire you a little, I'm in my 40s and I get more compliments on my body NOW than I ever did! Go figure.

The Pipster said...

Spanked you back (again). Your fuzzy puppy, Pippi

mac said...

Ooooo, I love it when a nice lady smacks my ass, or when a bad lady smacks it, or when any lady smacks it.

I don't know if I can do the assignment, however. I have no clue what I'm doing next weekend during my four days off work, let alone 10 years from now.

I suppose I'll have raised that boy of mine, freeing up my time for all my pervy pursuits ;-)

Oh yeah, I'd like to visit San Francisco at some point in the next 10 years. I'll be the guy on the obnoxiously loud Peach Harley. Keep an eye out for me?

Cathy said...

About time someone had the cajones to plead "How the F do I know?" when asked that ridiculous question. In fact it's kind of insulting to ask someone where they imagine themselves in X years. If your answer isn't something very different from the person you are now, makes you sound like an idiot. Why is change so necessary if things are working just fine? NATURAL change is one thing but expecting someone to "prosper" like that is dumb folly. And I agree with Pesto, your pic is luscious if I may be so bold.

Red Shoes said...

Hi there, love munchkin... thanks for tagging me... Im sure I rambled on and on with some kind of nonsense... :o)

I LOVE that header photo you have...!!!! WOOF WOOF!!!