Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Uninspired to write

Hello Loves,

So I don't have much to say today, except to thank you lovelies for all the comments you gave me on my skydiving entry. You all rock !

Since I've jumped out of that plane, I've wondered why I can't be more adventurous in life. I realized that I've held myself back in a lot of situations when I didn't have to because I was afraid of rejection. I also feel like time is passing me by so fast. And what have I really done with my life ?

Anyway, enough pondering............

I've been following The Bachelor lately and I wonder if I am the only one that thinks Jake is kinda of a douchebag. I was happy with the outcome. I am glad he chose Vienna because they both deserve each other. He claimed at the last minute that he didn't have great chemistry with Tenely, yet he kept her until the very end. He let a lot of great girls go home and he chose Vienna. I hope that she takes him for the ride of his life.

I am looking forward to The Bachelorette with Ali.

I am also looking forward to Celebrity Apprentice because my favorite manwhore Bret Michaels will be in it. I am a huge fan of Rock of Love. I think Bret is a walking infestation of herpes/syphilis/insert STD here............. but he is so fascinating to watch, and he is a trainwreck that I just can't avoid. Did you know that his hair is fake ?

Okay, time to go for now.

Besitos y abrazos !!


* Ashleigh * said...

If I were to get extensions, I'd consult with Bret Michaels :)

Realliveman said...

Uninpired to write?? You have all the inspiration you need inside you. It's what inspired you to jump out of a plane.

It's there....inside you...ever present...waiting for you to look :)

Anonymous said...

It's going to take a long time for your skydiving afterglow to wear off. If only the sex was that good for us right?


Big Mark 243 said...

I don't think I have told you that you are a pretty woman... not that you haven't been told that before.

But I also think you are beautiful too. You ask yourself the questions that many people aren't willing to face. And I sense that you also expect an answer from yourself as well.

I have a theory about time and how it passes... might even talk about that soon. But you are taking care of business in my eyes. And what you get out of your life, it will be because you earned it.

Candice said...

I'm a reality TV show whore and I can't wait for The Apprentice!

I also think Jake is a knob. To be honest, I didn't really care for either one of his final two, so I think he would have made a bad decision either way. ;)

Danielle said...

I have thought Jake was a Douche from last season.

dadshouse said...

You are more adventurous than me. You jumped out of a friggin' plane!!!

But I do get your meaning.. Life doesn't have a parachute.

The Pipster said...

I LOVE watching Rock of Love (I think I have mentioned that to you before). Never got in to the Bachelor but watched for a few minutes the other night and the guy did look like a d-bag. Have a nice piece of cake and take a hot bubble tub tonight. You deserve it!

Ily said...

Brett M's hair is fake?? Ay Diós Mio...that's my favorite part of him. It's going to be a good Celebrity Apprentice this season...love that show!

Joe Corbati said...

Why would you say something about me like that? It's just a show really, haha. I blog under a different name, for obvious reasons. Secretly, it is a boring show. Thank God the rose has been delivered. ;)

mac said...

Fear of rejection?
You are so silly. Who, in their right mind, would reject a woman like you? For anything??

I mean, look at you. You're very pretty, you seem very comtemplative, loving toward family, and a good bit of intestinal fortitude. How many girls would have had the nerve to travel across the globe at the age you did it? Alone? Jumping out of planes = balls of steel!

No, dear lady, you should not fear rejection. And, even if they do reject you, you can KNOW that they are fools.

AND, my hair is real, dammit !

Senorita said...


Thank you but for once I was not talking about fear of rejection from men. It was more aimed towards my career and pursuing other interests.

mac said...

The same applies.

Those traits that I see are not just cutesy things.

You are a woman of substance.

Stacie's Madness said...

i'm kinda annoyed that the bachelorette is alli.

but I will be watching, because I like the way SUCKER looks on my forehead.