Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Senorita's Fives

What's up my little hummingbirds ?

So, remember how I talked about memes being like STDs ? Well, my little nectar sucking featherballs, this one originates with me. Designed specifically with all of you in mind.

Please do this meme on your blog, and help me infect the Blogger community.

Muchas Gracias !



Things I won't ever be  :

1.) A vegetarian/vegan.

2.) A yogi, even though I occasionally do yoga. I just can't make it a lifestyle like so many others do.

3.) A prius owner

4.) A lesbian

5.) A minvan owner. Toyota has this new ad campaign where they advertise their new lines as full of swagger. Yeah right, I would go out and buy a minivan if I wanted my husband to go out and cheat on me. The minivan has got to be the most unsexy vehicle ever.

Things I refuse to give up:

1.) Bread

2.) Cupcakes

3.) Coffee

4.) Buttercream frosting cakes loaded with dye

5.) Bellydance

Things I won't be doing anytime soon:

1.) Joining Twitter. I'd be tweeting nasty things anyway.

2.) Get a Facebook account

3.) Keeping a food journal or taking pictures of what I eat every day. I'd lie anyways.

4.) Running a marathon

5.) Having children

Things I am thankful for:

1.) My grandparents

2.) My health, or at least for what I have now

3.) That I went back to school when I did. The wait list at school now is insane and I graduated a year ago.

4.) That I am employed, at least for now ::knocks on wood::

5.) The good things to come in the future.


mac said...

I, too will never be any of the things you'll never be. Except maybe I could concievably become a lesbian..somehow, I's just we're the same almost. We both like women??

I could very easily give up coffee. I don't drink it now, so really, it's no stretch. MtDew, however, is the drink of my gods!

I have a sort of facebook acct, but most of that other stuff could be in my never file.
Marathon? Not fucking likely! (unless there were lesbians chasing me)

Anonymous said...

I see no reason to photograph the food I eat either.
And I'll be childless forever.


Liam said...

So great to hear that you have a good job. Congrats.

Kirsten and I have a beautiful son who was born on Feb6/ 2010 at 4am

I wanted to name him Thor but we settled for Ian

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. I am actually taking applications for girlfriends that never want kids. Well, at my age most already come with them, so there goes that idea. Will a station wagon do? Like and old 57 bel air or something. You'd be the coolest mom on the block.

Elliott said...

I photograph the food I make, because I'm a nerd that way (among others).

Glad to see the realism, who could give up cake?

And it's wrong, I know, but there's always a small part of me that actually likes the minivan concept. And the new Toyota is looking quite attractive. Better go eat some raw meat or something similarly cavemannish to squelch those thoughts...

Senorita said...

Congratulations, Liam ! I've been wondering how you and the family are doing. Please keep us updated !

Anonymous said...

I with cupcake giving up here either. Buttercream frosting...had that this week :)

I'm too high strung for

Just telling it like it is said...

mmmmmmm I do love butter cream and belly dancing...He when do you gt your pictures of the festival...I want to see

KrippledWarrior said...

A Yogi? isn't that a bear in Jellystone park, with a little buddy named Boo Boo?
You crack me up. seriously.

The Pipster said...

Oh Senorita, you make me giggle.
Things I won't ever be:
1) A firefighter
2) A minivan owner
3) Skinny
4) A mopey person
5) Long haired

Things I refuse to give up:
1) My iced coffee drink in the a.m.
2) Pampering (pedis, massages)
3) Desserts
4) Exercise
5) My smart phone

Things I won't be doing anytime soon:
1) Getting a pet
2) Growing my hair long
3) Taking up a hobby
4) Eating anything that lives in water
5) Eating mushrooms, olives, artichokes, liver (just to name a few)

Things I am thankful for:
1) My two beautiful boys
2) My BF
3) My parents and their spouses
4) My grandparents
5) My health and my job and my happiness

Your little nectar sucking featherball, Pip

FierySaggGirl said...

Hey Señorita! You are so funny! Amazing similarities with our lists except I am a vegetarian.

Won't Ever Be: Tall~Conservative~Dull~ A GymRat~A Chef

I Refuse to Give Up:
Sex~Men~Green Tea~Laughing~Pizza

I Won't Be Doing Anytime Soon:
Bungee Jumping~ Definitely no Twitter!~Getting a Blackerry~Getting my navel pierced~Blogging (I think someone caught on so I pulled it down for a bit)

I am Thankful For:
My daughter's health~My health~My family~My job~Modern Plumbing (imagine still having to go outside)

Zsuzsi said...

This was a good one, so I put it in my blog :) Have a good weekend!

Fireblossom said...

I'm gonna do it, Senorita, I'm gonna help you infect da Universe! *grins*

Then I'm gonna chase Mac down the street LOL.

Pesto Sauce said...

Never been a lesbo...never say never. If you haven't tried it give it a shot once, who knows you may like it

Deine Mutter said...

So funny!
I am with you on the cupcakes, cakes, and frosting, for sure! They are worth every single calorie!

Oh and thanks about your nice words a few postings back, the one about raising you without soda and junk. Glad you got a few good memories ;)

Love ya! I look forward to seeing pictures and hopefully a video of your latest belly dance performance!