Sunday, March 28, 2010

Senorita's Beauty Secrets............ Let's Beautify Ourselves Together

Hello There My Little Shampoo Bottles,

I hope you had a nice weekend. I enjoyed mine by dance practice and eating. I had a nice plate of Hawaiian BBQ and two pieces of birthday cake. Just the way I like it with buttercream frosting loaded with colored dye. My ass will be fatter for it, but that cake was worth it.

Anyway, I wanted to gear this post for my lady readers. Guys, you know me love you long time, so I brought something to pacify you for a few minutes while I talk to my gal pals.


Be good and just focus on that, okay ?

Moving along.........................

So I am not really brand loyal, except for a few things such as my foundation. So that means I am constantly trying new things, and I thought I'd share my latest discoveries thanks to steep discounts. Here in the SF Bay Area a lot of salons have either lost their leases or have gone out of business altogether. So while that is sad for them, I've gotten a lot of beauty products.

Product #1: PUREOLOGY

Pureology is seriously the best haircare on the market. Just look on Amazon and see the hundreds of reviews. It's the stuff stylists swear by. It is sulfate free, and costs a fortune. But my hairstylist bought a gallon of shampoo and conditioner for me using her hairdresser discount and I paid her back. It was the best deal ever. It smells great and leaves my hair silky every time. I've bought a lot of products from salons closing recently at a steep discount. But their Pureology products never go on sale. Probably because the salon owners want to keep them for themselves and I can't blame them.

Okay, so nothing compares to Pureology, but my huge supply will run out and I am looking for the next best thing. I found Fat Hair "0" Calories at Safeway at 50% off but it wasn't that expensive to begin with, just $8 before discount.

Anyway, I decided to give this a whirl because it's sulphate free, and 100% vegan. Even though I will never stop eating meat, my hair can be vegan.

If you look online at the reviews, they are mixed. Some love it, some hate it. I love it. People who hate it claim that it doesn't lather well and it doesn't smell that great. I think it lathers great and I have long thick hair. As for the smell, it doesn't smell bad, more like a bland, light smell. It's not great, but with my body chemistry, my hair does smell clean after. I can't complain.

I found this at a salon closing sale. It's expensive. It normally sells for $24, however I paid $12. My current supply is running out, but I will gladly cough up the $24 because it is worth it.

I have big eyes, and it's very easy for my eyeliner to smudge between the creases of my eyelids. Also, I am a bellydancer and I love to make my makeup dramatic. Normally, I have to reapply the eyeliner every few hours. This product lasts the whole day and it does not run. I have never seen anything like it. I can sweat and cry and it doesn't come off because it is water proof. Also, it is great for sensitive eyes, which I have. Normally my eyes get red due to all the eyeliner I usually wear.

When it's time to wash it off, it comes off gently. They say you can just rub it off with your finger, but I disagree. You do need to use water, but it does come off effortlessly.


I have naturally frizzy hair, and I am in constant need of product to tame my wild hair. I like it because it is light and smooth, but the biggest reason I like it is because of the smell. It smells so exotic and you know me, the bellydancer. I like unique.

I like this brand because I've seen bottles of this stuff go for $40 at other beauty stores. But I paid about $8 for this bottle at Sally Beauty and it feels and smells the same as the last argan oil I bought which was $7 for a measly trial size.

So, there you have it loves. I have tons of other beauty tricks up my sleeve, but that is for another time. If you are a man and you are still reading this entry, here is another reward for you........

Lookie at that...................

Okay, I'm out for now. Hugs and kisses !!


Fireblossom said...

LOL @ me, I saw that last picture for the guys and thought "cute bra". Liking women, when you are one, can be funny sometimes.

Bless you for these suggestions. I have all the very same issues with eyeliner. I am going to try the Kiss Me. I also have naturally frizzy hair (yours is too? whatever you've done with it is workingggggggg, cos its gorgeous) and am going to try the argan oil, and I like exotic scents, too. Then I'm gonna ask the matchless Jessica, my stylist, whether they carry Pureology, and then see if I can afford it, which i probably cannot. That's too bad cos I have been searching for new product.

Thanks, Senorita, I'm so glad you made this post!

Big Mark 243 said...

Thanks for the 'reward' at the end!! I stopped caring about make up when I divorced my ex wife.

Love your new pic... you have great eyes!!

Anonymous said...

I use that stuff faily regularly, it works great, just don't use it on certain body parts, it stings.

mac said...

Yes, you do have big eyes. I like big eyes :-)

Who knew so much went into making your hair look that purdy?

dadshouse said...

I'm sorry, did you write something today?

I just have to say, I love a woman's butt, and you gave us two nice ones. Thank you.

Deine Mutter said...

Nice! I will try this, especially the eye liner, I am constantly battling with mine and by noon it's all gone.

Still miss your manslations very much, but as long as you keep up this blog, I'll be following it...

Love you, and miss you!

The Pipster said...

Love the new pic! I didn't see the episode where Samantha bought the neck massager..darn. Giggling over the comment from dad's house! Men, typical! Your shampoo bottle, Pippi

Jon said...

So nice... Beauty tips for women and a visual treat for men at the end...
Next time let it be beauty tips for hunks and visual treat for women at the end :)

Hey just like every body said... u have a stunning pair of eyes :)