Thursday, June 26, 2008


Hello Again,

Last night I was listening to the radio, and one of the guys from the band 311 was on. 311 is an alternative band. I love alternative music.

Anyway, the lead singer, Nick Hexum was on and offering love advice. That man is so hot, LOL and I love his deep voice. He has this happy, feel-good vibe going on that makes him that much hotter, lol.

I remember last summer they were doing a concert with Matisyahu (another one of my favorite bands) in Santa Cruz. I was invited to go to it by a total hottie whom I had a huge crush on, who loves the same bands. BUT I had to politely decline because I was in a relationship at the time. Why does that stuff always happen when you're taken ????? I should be taken more often, lol.

I don't know when I'll ever see those two bands together again. I really missed out.



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