Friday, June 27, 2008

No Sos Vos Soy Yo

Hello There My Lovelies,

When I was living in Spain an Argentine film came out in theaters called No Sos Vos Soy Yo. It starred Diego Peretti.

There is a growing Argentine community in Spain. Ever since there was a financial crisis around 2001 in Argentina many Argentines have decided to immigrate to Spain.

Argentina used to be a wealthier country. Back then Europeans used to immigrate to Argentina and start families. Now that there is a financial crisis there, many Argentines with European family ties are moving to Spain and getting their passports, usually from Spain or Italy.

While I was living in Barcelona I met a lot of people from Argentina. I worked, lived and hung out with them. They speak in a different accent and use different expressions. And I came to love their way of expressing themselves, especially their special way of cursing. I also think I got along with them so well is because they raved about the United States and talking about how they wish they could go to America. 

Anyway, like me they were homesick. I remember days when I wanted to go back home so bad that even watching an American film would make me literally cry. (Even though it had horrible voice overs). The Argentines I knew would always tell me that they would do anything just to take a trip back to Buenos Aires. They did not feel at home in Spain. They looked at me and laughed at me for living in Spain when I was an American citizen. They would always tell me: "Spain is a third world country. We would love the chance to come to America. Why do you want to live here ? We don't want to live here. We HAVE to live here." One of the guys I worked with named Luciano (family ties in Italy) came over and had to live for almost a year without his wife before he could send for her. It was sad to see how lonely he got and how he missed her. But she eventually came over.

Anyway, when this film came out in theaters, they were so extactic. It was like a little piece of home for them. It was like someone finally understood them. I was supposed to see it but I was too busy packing to come back home that I missed out. That was in June 2005. I didn't get to see it until a couple of days ago. So I have been waiting for three years.

When I came back here, I was looking and looking for the film but it wasn't available. I was so sad. And if there was a copy floating around, it was expensive as hell,in the wrong format or both.

Last week I finally found a copy of it and ordered it. I enjoyed watching it. I barely understood anything they said in the movie because they spoke so fast and used words and expressions I wasn't familiar with. So I watched it with Spanish subtitles (English wasn't available.) Luckily I understood most of it just fine.

Basically this doctor played by Diego Peretti has a beautiful girlfriend and a nice apartment. They get married and she goes to Miami and tells him she'll send for him. So he prepares for the trip by quitting his job, selling his apartment and his car.

On the way to the airport she calls him and tells him not to come because she cheated on him and doesn't want to be with him anymore. Therefore he has no job, place to stay or car. And no wife of course. He gets his job back, but due to his emotional state he accidentally tries to cut open a patient without anesthesia. So, no job after all.

The movie was about how he built his life back up and slowly regained his dignity and got over his wife leaving him. Trying to watch him get back into the dating world was painfully hilarious. He had so many embarassing moments that I could easily identify with.

I remember while I lived in Barcelona and felt so lonely. I had been speaking Spanish non-stop and I just wanted to be an American for a day. I just wanted to talk to another American. So I put an ad out on Loquo (Craigslist for Spaniards, lol) and said that I wanted to talk to another American.

I got two people: An American and an Argentine.

The American was wierd as hell. I don't even know why he wanted to talk to me since he was so against our government and its policies, lol. He was very, very liberal. Dressed like a bum. Acted like one too, and was offering me to hang out and smoke weed. At least we did have some good political debates. Unfortunately he didn't make me feel any less homesick.

Then there was the Argentine. Too bad I forgot his name. He was really nice when he responded to my ad: He told me that he wasn't from the US, but he was from Argentina. (South American is still American, lol) He said that he loved the United States and was a fan of the US (loves our movies) and wanted to talk to an American. That was all I needed to hear, so we met up.

We met up at Starbucks, lol. I forget what we talked about, but we had a really nice time. We met up another time and saw a British film. Then he flew off to Israel and I never heard from him again. I remember when he texted me he would refer to himself as my "Sweet Argentine."

Good times.

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winivere2002 said...

When you are in Spain, you are homesick for America. When you are in America, you are homesick for Spain. LOL.. Put out another personal to look for someone from Spain to talk to.
Win =.)