Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Nice Saturday


Today was a lazy day. I have no homework to even think about this weekend because I just finished my finals on Friday. Unfortunately I have summer school starting on Monday so that means that I only have the weekend in between to enjoy. But I can't tell you how nice it is to not have any class to think about.

I watched a movie this morning and then I went to a bellydance class. It was held at a beautiful yoga studio in Palo Alto, which is actually right next door to Facebook. I paid for ten sessions. I could take bellydance, yoga or both. I am happy about that. I have a gym membership. Although I do go sometimes, I prefer workouts that have less impact on my body such as yoga or dance.

I enjoyed the dance class a lot today and felt better after. I felt more free. I would have loved to have sat at the cafe after and enjoyed the afternoon, but I had to hurry off to work. Too bad.


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winivere2002 said...

High 5 GF. How awesome not to have to think about classes but sign up for them. ha ha... Wish I coul bellyance. When I get a job I am thinking about taking some but I hope ppl wont be grosse out by my belly. ha ha... Also, YES, it is going to be a tough week without Mario Cimarro. Makes my mouth water just thinking about him. lol