Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mi Inspiracion

Hello There My Lovelies,

Okay, so tomorrow is finals and I have two finals back to back. I am not feeling the love on that. Then on Monday I have summer school all over again. I already bought my textbook, brand new. I love the new text book smell. I will be taking Legal Analysis. I am excited because I will learn how to write better for the legal profession.

What else............ A couple of days ago while I was eating lunch close to my internship, I saw a photographic journal display. There were photos with with words in Spanish and then translated to English. There is a huge community here of Latinos, many of them poor, undocumented or both. The topic was about Diabetes and how they take care of themselves, especially if they don't have a good insurance plan. I live in a predominently Hispanic neighborhood where many people only speak Spanish. For example at the taqueria down my street no one speaks English.

Basically these people were given cameras and asked to document their daily lives, relating to this disease. Seeing what they saw, and reading what they felt really touched my heart profoundly. 

Especially reading their words in Spanish. The Spanish language is a deep, romantic language and I find it to be more sentimental than in English. Poetry is much better in Spanish than English.

Anyway, as I was saying I was looking at how these people with Diabetes saw life. One guy photographed birds sitting high on an electrical wire. He said that when he's struggling with the disease, the birds on the electrical wire gives him hope to be strong and "fly above" his problems.

Another person took a picture of road that lead down only one path. He said that with diabetes he can chose to go down the same path as always, but that path will only lead to death unless you take another path.

The picture that actually brought tears to my eyes was the one with a heart-shaped locket that a woman carried around with her daughter's ashes. She also wrote a famous quote "If Tears Could Build A Stairway and Memories a Lane I'd Walk Right Up To Heaven and Bring You Home Again"  She said that it was her inspiration to keep living and fighting the disease.

That display really got me emotional. But I was glad that I had inspiration that day.



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winivere2002 said...

How lovely! Would have done anything to be right there beside you.