Sunday, June 22, 2008


Hello There My Lovelies,

Today I was as lazy as a sloth. I spent half the day in bed and it was lovely. Then I decided to get out of bed and make myself some Mac N' Cheese and finish watching My Cousin Vinny. I love that movie. Vinny, played by Jose Pesci is from New York. He kinda reminded me of my friend Henry who lives in New York. (Even though Henry isn't really like him.) I really would like to visit New York. I would even consider moving there if the right job comes along.

Yesterday I went to a meeting for PASCCO, a paralegal organization that I recently joined. I had such a good time. It was held at the Hilton hotel and they had such good food, which is award winning by the way. For desert I had a nice chocolate-hazelnut mousse cake. It was so sumptuous.

There were some good lectures and speeches. We had Tom Campbell come and speak to us about the state and federal budget. He used to be a California politician and a former U.S. House of Reps member. He was also a law professor at Stanford and is currently the dean of the Haas School of Business at U.C Berkley. We were lucky to have him there. He seems like a really nice guy.

When he first started talking about the budget I walked out of the room because I simply did not want to have to listen to how screwed up it is. Especially since I suck at accounting. But I came back after taking a walk and listened to the rest of his speech. I was sorry I left. He gave a really good speech and gave good explanations to why we are facing a budget crisis and what it would take for things to get better. Then he started talking about foreign policy. I had never found such subjects so interesting until I listened to his explanations.

There were also legal job placement companies there and I handed the representatives my resumes and asked for feedback. They were so nice to me and informative. They told me that my resume looks great and that I am on the right track and that I am doing the right thing. One of the guys told me that I was asking the right questions. Now I have to follow up and keep in contact. I am finally proud of handing out my resume. I used to look at it and think it was a hopeless case. But I am proud of myself for learning how to put a good legal resume together. I did it all myself.

It was pretty much exactly around last time this year that I decided that I wanted to pursue paralegal studies. I remember when I first started calling legalplacement agencies and when I first started going on interviews. I faced a lot of rejection. It was painful. I thought that my university degree in business would be enough to work in a law firm. And technically it is. But it's not how the real world works. It's a competitive field, and there are so many people out there that are way more qualified than me. 

Many firms value experience, as much if not more than your education. And I didn't have any at the time. It's all been a slow, step-by-step process. But at least I am not starting at the bottom anymore.

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winivere2002 said...

You go girl! So gla you are feeling better an finally got some shut-eye. I love that Vinny movie too. Their voices are so funny an I like it when she complains about her biological clock. Sorry for no copy an paste for that letter d, but I am tire. lol Be a goo girl. lol
Win =.)