Monday, June 9, 2008

Interesting Legal Tidbits

Hello There My Lovelies,

So I am currently taking legal courses as you already know. My teacher is good about explaining laws and procedures to us. But he likes to go off tangent sometimes and entertain us. And sometimes he likes to throw in wierd legal tidbits that I don't think that I would need to refer to in the future unless I am dealing with some seriously mentally challenged people.

Like the other day we were talking about getting a bill signed in as law. And he decided to go off tangent and tell us that in Michigan it is illegal to "have carnal knowledge of a bird."

First of all............ How do you catch a bird so that you can molest it ? Second of all....... WHY ?????? Who had the brilliant idea to take this to the governor ? I didn't think that sexual harrassment of birdies was a big deal. Who gets titillated after looking at a bird ? Another girl chimed in that in the south it is illegal to have sex with an animal under 45 pounds, lol. So what if the animal in question was just fat when the act was committed and then lost some weight ? How do you prove that ?

Last year in one of my classes he was talking about beastiality. Don't ask
me how we got on the subject.  Oh yeah, it was something about defenses you can use in court. And he said that consent in an animal is not a defense for beastiality because as my teacher said " Fido is protected under law." LOL. Just because the dog seems willing doesn't make it okay or legal. I was just shocked that we were even talking about it.

But necrophelia is legal, at least in CA. I don't get it. For sure I thought such a nasty act would be illegal.

And today we were talking about legal ages of marrying in CA. In CA (where I live) it is perfectly legal to get married at any age as long as your parents, the superior court, or both consent. I was told all other states have age restrictions as to the age of consent with parental permission.

Anyway, I have some homework to do before my next class. Ciao.

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winivere2002 said...

You never know what your cases will be like! Best to get all sorts of info for your career no matter how wierd or off-base they may sound. I hope no one ever molests my bird!!! LOL... When I worked the suicide line I would get some strange calls ~ one of a man who's wife was having sex with thier great dane who apparently had more to offer than he did.