Friday, August 29, 2008


Belly dancer in egypt by ff137.


Hello All,


Isn't that picture beautiful ? I snaked it from Flicker. It's not me, unfortunately :( This is a picture of a dancer in Egypt.

Notice that her back and stomach are covered with nylon. It is not exposed. That is because it is considered to be vulgar for a woman to show her bare stomach in public. Yes, a bare stomach is vulgar in their culture.

I was on Flicker to try and hunt down my pictures. A photographer took shots of me and my troupe mates for a dance project back in Nov of 2006. I couldn't find them anymore :( Luckily I have a few saved on my computer. Unfortunately my comp is broken and I have to pay a substantial amount to fix it or at least get all my info off.

The photographer who shot us is Andrew Casteel. He took the photo of me holding up the sword. He is my favorite, and getting free shots from him was a blessing. A belly dancer sometimes comes into good luck.

Some of the good luck I've come into while I danced:

I got my very first professional dance costume ( the red one at the left) at a very reasonable price and got the pants and veil thrown in.

I got free professional photographs

I made some close friends

I learned how to dance with the sword for free

I got a real scimitar (not that fake bellydance sword crap) and I was able to get it dulled down with a case ( way rare to find if you don't talk to the right people)

I need to start practicing more and actually perform so that I come into some more dancer's luck...........

Hopefully sooner than later............


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