Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hello All,

Today I wore my new favorite sundress and went to the fair here in town. I had a nice time. Unfortunately the food wasn't all that, but whatever. I got to walk around in the sun, enjoy the entertainment and buy a few things.

While I was walking around, I caught a photographer snapping a couple of pictures of me. I acted like I didn't even notice. While I was watching the dancing on stage, he came over and introduced himself to me and said that he like the way I put myself together. He said that people here in the US don't dress up like they used to. I have to agree. It's kinda sad. I look at videos from my grandmothers' eras and really wish that people would still put effort into dressing up for going out. He got my e-mail address and will e-mail me the photos.

This wasn't the first time something like this happened to me. When I worked at Enterprise a couple of year ago, one of my customers asked me if he could take my picture. I let him and he came back and gave me copies of the shots. I still have them.

I did get a free henna tattoo. It will fade in a week or two. It is on my left hand and kinda exotic looking.

I also bought an interesting pair of wooden shoes and a nice Indian top. Both for cheap. I also managed to find a bracelet to fit my small wrist. It was cute and cheap. I was happy.

All in all, a nice day. I invited a couple of people to come out with me. Both had other plans. I was glad that I ended up going alone. Sometimes I just prefer my own company to that of others.

What else.................................

I was reading The Best Of Craigs List and I came across with this post.

I couldn't agree with this woman more. This is the type of woman I am in a relationship. Basically she is adressing the fact that some men get all bent out of shape when a woman asks that he is "financially secure." They instantly read "gold digger" or get upset that a woman even considers his financial situation.

Well, I am the same as this woman. While I look at the character of the man first and decide if he has integrity or not, I also want to know if he is financially secure.

This does not mean that I want his money. It just means that I want a man on the same level as me, and I will be making good money after I finish the rest of my education. It also means that I want a man that can take care of himself (and doesn't need to mooch off me). It also means that I want a man that has his shit together and is financially responsible because I am the same way and have worked so hard to keep my record clean.

I have always wanted to write a post like that, but this woman beat me to it a couple of years earlier. This woman has integrity and the man she marries is a lucky guy.

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