Friday, August 1, 2008

Very Interesting Day

Hello There All,

Okay, so my day started out fine. In fact it started out quite nicely because I got my Law and Order DVDs in the mail. Now I can hibernate and watch all the episodes while I eat decadent desserts :)

Plus I also received a nice settlement check in the mail. As you all know, I used to work at Enterprise Rent A Car, or ERAC for short. I like to call it ECRAP or EFUCK, because I sure feel like that they gave it to me real bad with no lube while I worked there. Two years of my life I can't get back.

Anyway, so last year I found out that there was a class action law suit against them. A couple of former employees decided to sue the company for allegedly making them work during their breaks. Allegedly my ass, lol. I know that they did this for a fact. So, to make a long story short, I got a piece of the settlement pie.

So I decided to deposit the check and go to the mall. As I was driving in to the parking lot, I accidentaly hit the curb, and immediately got a flat tire. Turns out, the tire was ripped and the rim was all busted up as well as the panel on the rim.

I called Roadside assistance through my insurance company and this guy comes out to change my tire. Usually when I call roadside I get a guy in a professional tow truck with tools and in uniform. LOL, not this time around. The guy I get is dressed kinda sloppy and comes in his own car, with his little girlfriend in tow. Whatever, I didn't care I just needed to get my tire changed and off to work.

The guy could not get all lugnuts off the rim, and busted one of them. But hey, you know what ? He tried and he was real polite and did what he could. As he was about to write me a receipt, this silver truck pulls in to park. She tries to park next to this nice Audi and ends up hitting it. Real bad dent job she gave it. I see her try to pull back out, so I walk towards her. When she saw that I was looking at her, she immediately pulled away. I bet she thought she was so lucky................

But what she didn't know was that I had lasik and I can easily read and memorize license plate numbers. I got the plate number and shouted it to the tow truck guy who wrote it down. I then called the police and made a report. When the guy came back out I gave him all the information. I felt bad for him, it was his sister's car.

As for that girl that hit the car, I hope that the cops show up at her door.

I did get my tire fixed, but it costed me a buttload of money since I had to replace the prettymuch the whole thing. It costed me almost all of my settlement check. I was kinda sad. :(  I also was a couple of hours late for work.

But at least I will be more careful as not to hit anymore curbs.............

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winivere2002 said...

Grrr... hate when they hit & run! But happy you were not hurt. xx