Friday, August 8, 2008

What I am Thankful For

Hello All,

Well, I guess that this is my first entry after my journal became private. I am listening to one of my favorite singers, Amr Diab. He is Egyptian and sings in Arabic. I used to dance to his music all the time. His voice makes me melt. This man makes me want to learn Arabic. I would love to travel to the Middle East some day. Of course I would travel with a man, I have heard stories about women that travel there alone. I would also dress very conservatively. I would love to travel to Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey, maybe the UAE. I looked online and a flight to Beirut is over two grand on coach ! Ooh, here is a picture of who I love to dance to. This guy sings the best love songs. I looked up the translations and I guess love songs are better in languages other than English. Just my .02

Anyway, on another note all I really have to say is that I am so blessed to still be healthy. I am just happy that I am healthy and do not have to take any medications right now. I am also happy that my folks are both alive.

I don't know how much longer I have of living a healthy life. But I am so greatful for now and the healthy life I've been blessed to have. And God willing, I will be healthy in my old age. It was not a waste.

And yes, I am writing this for a reason. I got a wakeup call today that made me do some serious thinking. I know this entry is private, but I am still not ready to talk about it.

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