Monday, August 18, 2008

Not a manic Monday

Hello All,

Today was a relatively relaxing day. I started out by going to my dance class. I need a back adjustment. I was definitely stiff and my moves were not as good. When I got back home I gave my veil a spin. I tried bending backwards and dancing with it. Yeah, time to see the chiropractor.

I also took my car to get the oil changed. While I did that I had lunch at a cheap Vietnamese sandwich place. Good sandwich, but the lady was kinda rude and on top of that the place smelled like a wet dog, and there was a fly or two buzzing around. I think that I will stick to their competitor.

Then I went for coffee. A nice caramel mocha over ice. I am still wired on caffeine and will continue to be for the remainder of this evening. It's not a bad feeling.........

Oh, I also went shopping at the mall. I do enjoy blowing my hard earned cash at the mall. I got some cute clothes on sale at Kohls. I had to cut the trip short because I had to get to work.

Once I got out into the parking lot, I realized that I didn't really remember where I parked my car. That was funny. I was roaming around like a lost little puppy. I was beginning to think that someone actually stole my car. I finally located it.

I know, nothing really over the top to report, but it was a nice day. And maybe that is worth writing about...................

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