Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Senorita Blather

Well Hello There My Little Rose Petals,

So what's up ? Miss me ?

So today I went salsa dancing and met up with my friend. I showed up a little late because the website was wrong about the hours. Turns out I was 45 min late, but I still had enough time to get down. And I still got it ! My moves weren't that bad.  And a lot of partner swapping going on because we rotated often ( I needed an excuse to say partner swapping). Sucked for the boys because the club cupeth overflowed with men (total sausage fest ) and it was funny to see the dudes look at eachother and walk away because they couldn't bear the thought of dancing together.

Yesterday my BFF/Mama Cita came down to visit and of course to celebrate her birthday. We had so much fun ! Total debauchery and I totally needed that especially since I've been in a sour mood lately. We are loud, proud and vulgar. We talked about everything from kittycat waxes to old boyfriends to the waitress we were sure snorted a line or two in the bathroom. We didn't care if others could hear us. I left a decent tip for the server though.

After dinner we went to another restaurant for dessert. Over a hot brownie with icecream which we both scarfed down (it was my idea to share and it was a bad idea) we decided to people watch and Ashleigh decided to provide witty commentary regarding the men around us like the metrosexual dude with long bangs.  She would tell me where to look  like "dude with a faux-hawk at 9 o'clock when she really meant 3 o'clock" and I would be looking in all the wrong directions.

It was hilarious when a couple of meathead guys walked in with their chests puffed out and she blurted out " OMG ! Moobs !"  She couldn't stop talking about the moobies on the guy and thank God they didn't hear us. Those guys were kinda buffed, but they did have a little going on in the chest. But of course nothing to make me jealous.

But supposedly next week Ashleighta and I have a date to have a little booze and play a little chatroulette. I will be sure to get back to you on that. At the very least it will provide blog fodder, and no I will not be flashing anyone.

On another note, today is sorta an anniversary. Three years ago, this was the day I hit rock bottom. I guess we've all been there. Luckily I am in a much better place now.) That one day that sucks so hard that you are forced to take a good look at yourself and make changes. I was at my heaviest, so much in debt, for sure I thought I would lose my job, everyone around me was happy, while I felt like a failure and I was in a relationship that wasn't working out. I was so absolutely miserable in addition to the family drama at the time.

In true anniversary fashion, this hasn't been a happy time for me either, as it seems that every insecurity that I thought I've buried has come back up to haunt me.

And this is why I am looking forward to getting away this weekend. I am supposed to take a road trip to Tahoe. I really need to chill out.

Okay, time to finish the laundry and paint my nails !



Riot Kitty said...

Loud, proud and vulgar...I love it! I have a couple of girlfriends like that. Love them to bits.

Fireblossom said...

Friends are the greatest.

Red Shoes said...

Sunshine!!! Hey you!! The troubles from three years ago are exactly where they belong!! In the past!! The nonsense that happens now is just that... nonsense. It's like my 'Fuck' post yesterday... I just needed to get it out of my system. Things are going to be ok... YOU are going to be ok... and, YES... I would dance with you!!! ;o)

Have a great day... and have a great time at Tahoe!!!


Zsuzsi said...

I'm doing my laundry and painting my nails, too!
Anyhow: enjoy the trip to Lake Tahoe and remember that life really is what we make of it, you are gorgeous and everything will be fine!

MindyMom said...

Refelcting on the bad times is okay when you can look at how far you've come and feel proud!

And fun times with friends is always good for the soul.

Have a great weekend.

mac said...

It would be fun to be teased by a couple of vulgar chicks like you two. Those guys would not have minded ;-)

Danielle said...

I am glad that you are in a better place now!

H said...

Dwell on the positives, always, try to forget the negatives, it works for me, I think it may work for you.

Kerrie said...

Yes I have missed you. Lots of catching up to do for me.
I like the sound of your Salsa club, there is never enough men to go round at any dance events I go to. Even the ones with moobs are welcome.
As for your anniversary, you should be feeling proud because look how far you have come. Every dog really does have his day.

Jimmy's Journal said...

My kind of girl! Great post as well! Man, I haven't been to Tahoe in years but I love the place.


* Ashleigh * said...

Thank you so much for everything - so sweet! We are so on for ChatRoulette this Wednesday night :)

HMCinCali said...

cha cha cha...dancing shoes on again this week. I was thinking of hitting Birks for drinks beforehand.

Insecurities always come up if we do not keep our purpose in front of us. I somehow forget to walk with purpose (which a women should always do) and darkness that unfolds makes me stumble and fall. I act in ways that are not life giving.

Always remember your noble path and walk with purpose. If you forget ask a friend to remind you.:-)

Christine Macdonald said...

I always miss you!!!!!

I love to read you are LIVING LIFE!