Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter :)

Hello My Lovelies...............

Happy Easter !!! If you don't celebrate Easter, then Happy Whateveryoucelebrate !! Anyways, I was wondering what y'all thought about William Hung, the American Idol reject that all of a sudden became an overnight sensation ???

Well, here's what I think............... I am split on the issue. The dude has no talent ! He can't sing and he sure as hell can't dance. Simon was right. He doesn't even have the looks. He looks like a nerd with buck teeth. Hell, he doesn't even write his own songs. He sang Ricky Martin's song, "She Bangs". Why the hell is he a sensation? There is nothing real about him. I think that it's because he's an obvious underdog and people can identify with him. I think that the public is ready to embrace someone that thought may not have all the talent, he has guts and is willing to put himself out there. I think that the public may be tired of seeing people like him get shot down on a regular basis.

I think that many artists with real talent and style are probably mad at him. Personally, though I don't like his style, I am still happy for him. I mean, he believes in himself so much that he did whatever it took to put himself out there. And he sold himself successfully. More power to him for being famous. In a way, his story is inspiring.  However, I don't think he is gonna be famous for long. Gotta have talent, and lets face it : The dude can't sing. Can't dance. Can't even look good for a poster. Hope he enjoys the famous life while he can.

Now there may be some of you reading this and saying " Let's see you do better." My point exactly. That's why I am not auditioning for anything and opening up my talent for criticism. Anywho, this concludes my feelings on this issue. Just had to get this off my chest.

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