Sunday, April 25, 2004


Hello Everyone,

Well the weather outside was just beautiful today. Too bad I spent most of it indoors working. I felt like my shift would never end. I am also coming down with the lastest bug. I am just feeling like SHIT. My throat and my head hurts. I suppose that I will get a stuffy nose soon.

6 years ago today was my very first prom.(junior prom) I will never forget that night. It was really the first time I got really dressed up with hair and makeup. It was MY night and I felt like I was finally becoming an adult. High school was so awkward, and I was a loner and sheltered. Guys really didn't wanna talk to me. When I went to prom, I felt like I had a chance of fitting in. People also thought of me differently after they saw me all dolled up in makeup and eveningwear with a hot date. My how time flies. I am almost gonna graduate from college. I never thought I would get out of college. Hell, I never thought that I would even turn 21. After my 21st b-day my life just keeps flashing before my very eyes.

Looking back, I feel that I could've done better in college. I could have become more involved or studied harder. I have a lot of Bs on my transcript. Maybe if I had studied harder they could've been As.

But at the same time, I am not too disappointed. I didn't screw around. I worked all thorough college. I also studied and got average grades. I also didn't do anything completely stupid. Yes, I made some mistakes, but overall I managed to stick to my morals and principles.

I can also say that I learned a lot besides academics from going to college. I have lived on campus and have made some wonderful friends. I have sooooooo many stories that I could write a book.

And it is not technically over. I still have about 6 weeks to go. 6 weeks of being a college student preparing for exams and bitching about going to class. I mean I really do want this all to end. I have been in college non-stop for about 5 years. In this time I have planned my life around my school and work schedules. But I also know that I will miss this all after its over. What can I say, the grass is always greener on the other side.

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