Friday, April 2, 2004

Time Flies

Hello my lovelies,

Sadly, Spring Break has come to an end. It went by so fast, just like the year is. It is already April. Wow. I can't friggin' believe it. Oh well, at least it means that graduation is around the corner. And so it Europe :)

I am also still in pain from my oral surgery. When I woke up it was so bad that I went to the doctor. Lucky for me he stuck a pain-relieving strip in my gum to relieve the pain, and I am doing better. God Bless medicine :) After that, I went to McDonalds and had some chicken nuggets, fries and a parfait. I didn't care that it was fattening. I just wanted to put food in my stomach. While I was eating my food there, I saw my doctor there too. That was kinda cool. I should be feeling normal again by next week.

All week I have spent lying around here and watching TV and doing homework. I didn't even go out with any friends and have fun. But I do kinda have to admit that it felt good to be lazy and do absolutely nothing for a while. Not only that, but my roommate was gone so I had the place completely to myself for the week and that was nice.

I also didn't go to work tonite because I am still healing. I feel all cooped up. I am not looking forward to school, but at least I will be getting out of the house again. I also feel like a fat ass even though I really didn't eat a lot this week. I feel flabby and nasty so I ran for 20 minutes to get my heart pumping. I can't wait to get back to bellydance.

Well folks, I feel better that I´ve vented a little.Y´all enjoy your weekend.

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