Sunday, April 25, 2004

Holy Crap !!! What a Wierd Day !!!!

Hello Everyone,

OMG, today was wierd. Good, bad and wierd things happened that usually don't happen.

At work, some kid just barfed in the booth he was sitting in during dinner. He barfed into the corner of the booth. So I bet there is still caked barf under the seats. How gross. And get this............. His mother cleaned most of it it up !! I fully expected her to make me clean it up. WOW. I was floored. They were a group of 9 people so I tacked on a 15% gratuity, but they gave me an extra $10. I made almost $30 off this table alone.

And one of the busboys is new. HER name is Jessie. But she is a lesbian and dresses up as a man and prefers to be refered to as HE. Before tonight I was confused so I guessed and I referred to her as SHE. I didn't know if I should just flat out ask her so I guessed. Turns out I offended her when I referred to her as SHE in front of my table. So now I know that she is a HE. Whatever. Now I know.

We also had a domestic disturbance in the parking lot. Some guy getting violent on his girlfriend. He was jumping on top of her car and punching it with his bare hands. He was also pounding the winshield and he managed to break it. When his gf got out of the car and came back into the restaurant he tried to follow her but we wouldn't let him in. He was so bloody and left blood marks all over the windows. He also tried to drive away in her car, but the cops caught him. What a moronic dumbass. And guess what ? The woman didn't even press charges. I feel bad for her. She's prob scared he'll come after her if she puts his ass in jail. She also prob loves him too much. I feel bad and mad. She's letting him walk all over her. I am so lucky I am not in an abusive relationship. In fact, I am just happy that I am not in one and don't even have to deal with stupid male behavior. Gah.

On the way home, I was listening to the alernative station and listening to this new song. It was about this guy singing about his detached penis and how he found it on the side of the road. He also sang about not reattching it to his body. WIERD...... But it was funny.

And now I am starting to get sick. I hate that. I have a lot of schoolwork to do. Gaaah !!!

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