Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Just Another Post

Hello My Lovelies..........

Well, been a few days since my last post. Here's the latest......

1.) I got my BUS 139 Strategic Marketing exam back. I got a 98%. I was floored and happy. I only missed one question. Unfortunately I have a group project from hell in that class and it is such a drag and taking forever.

2.) I took my SPAN 102B exam on Tues.(My Spanish class from HELL). There is absolutely no chance in hell that I could've passed it. It was just too much.I studied so much and even had like 3 study sessions with other classmates. Oh well. I am handing in some extra credit to soften the blow. I swear to God that exam was just way too hard. Why do some teachers get their rocks off on making things too damn difficult?? Even the native Spanish speakers were struggling, and a bunch of us took up the whole class period.

3.) Remember how I broke things off with Alex a month ago? I was going out with him for a month and I told him I am going to Europe and that I don't really have time to go out because I am graduating. Well, while that part IS true, I really did it because I just wasn't feeling him. I wasn't attracted to him and didn't wanna lead him on.Its not like you can tell a guy that you find him unattractive because that would just be rude.  But I did like him as a friend and was happy being just that. So the next time I ran into him at the library we talked and studied. WELL, today he goes to another girl sitting a couple of tables away from me and COMPLETELY ignores me. Usually he at least says hello.Granted, I probably deserve that. After all, I am the one who broke things off with him. I mean, I am happy that he found someone else as long is it isn't me, but I just wasn't expecting him to ignore me.I didn't expect us to hang out, but I thought we were gonna remain on friendly terms. Oh well, I guess guys and girls can't be "just friends". I mean, I have had guys that just wanted to remain friends with me after going out and I was fine with that. Whatever. Maybe it was a good thing that I didn't continue to go out with him.

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