Saturday, April 24, 2004

More updates :)

Well Hello There my lovelies.............

This damn journal !!!! The moods that they allow me to choose from are crap !!! I am feeling tired. There is no selection for that. There is no selection for me to say that I am giddy or content. Oh well, so much for AOL.

Yes, I worked tonite. Most of my tables were just lovely. One table asked me how long I worked at Red Lobster because he sensed that I was excited about my job. My God did I fool him :) It was a nice night overall. I did have one table that pissed me off. Typical thuggish group. The girls looked ghetto-hoochie and the men were attempting to look "fly". This one guy was sportin' a fake gucci hat. Playa please. I was so annoyed because one girl was making smart-alek remarks. She wanted a corona for her thug boyfriend so I asked for ID. "Uh, we just got drinks from the bar...." where then her gansta man threw his ID on the table. Yeah, bitch I see that..... but the bartender never asks for ID and I do. I wish I could've said that. What pissed me off the most was when I was carrying a tray of dirty dishes and she smirked and said " don't drop it." I am never rude to my tables, but I did roll my eyes behind her as I was walking away. She is lucky I have a conscience and didn't tamper with her food, because I just don't stoop that low. But I still just kinda wished I could have shined her silverware with my buttcrack.

What else? It is late and I don't feel like going to bed. My roommate is gone and I have the apt all to myself for the night so I put on some makeup and tried on my graduation cap. I won't wear my whole cap and gown together because I am a little superstitious and I would rather wait until that special day. All I can really say is that I can't wait to walk around in it. I only have a little over a month left. I still have to mail out the invitations.

Well that is all for now. TTYL

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