Thursday, April 1, 2004

April Fools !!

Hello Everyone,

Its so sad that my spring break is almost up. I really didn't do anything special this week except get my wisdom teeth yanked from me. By the way, my lower left jaw is still in excruciating pain sometimes. I also rented movies and got some homework done. At least I was somewhat productive.

Last night I went to study at my classmate's house but I forgot my phone, so I couldn't exactly find her. I had to then drive to the nearest shopping center and use a payphone which ate my change before I could even call. I finally went to her neighbor's house. Luckily the neighbor was nice enough to help me find her place. I swear, I am NEVER gonna forget my cell phone again. The funny thing is that when I got to her house, we did study a little, but ended up talking more about boys and religion. Oh well.

Today I went to my boss's house for my internship and did some data entry and played with her little dog Marty. Marty is a Maltese. Unfortunately he got shaved so he looks like a little stick with a big head of fur.

I also called da Red Lobsta and told my boss that I am still in pain from my oral surgery and I asked him to let me come in early so I could leave early or give me a slow section. Instead, he just told me to take the day off. I really can't afford to take a day off work, but I can't say that I would mind a Friday night off either. I can't remember the last time I didn't work on a Friday night. At least I won't be bitching about my job tommorow.

Well, thats all for now folks.

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