Sunday, April 18, 2004

More Stories About da Red Lobsta.....

Well hello there my lovies,

Time to talk about my job again............ Of course y'all know I worked this weekend. My life just wouldn't be complete without my underpaid job where I come home smelling like a rotten, crusty fish.

Friday night was busy and though I got some shitty ass tips on a couple of tables, I came out alright. I was just tired because I ran around a lot. Thank God for that because I haven't been exercising enough lately.

Saturday was alright, but I had this table of 2 fat creepy men. For all of you that are PC, relax. I don't have anything against "pleasantly plump" people. But one of the guys just grated on my nerves. He would give me this look with a stupid smirk and grunt of a laugh as he ran my ass around the kitchen. He even had the balls to tell me that I am like a "little fly that won't leave". Stupid fathead has so much fat in his brain that he doesn't realize that the ONLY reason I am at his table so much is because he keeps wanting shit. And as if that weren't enough he would try to joke around and his jokes were just NOT funny. " Huh huh, maybe we could get this half-off" Even when he asked me where the bathroom was, he was smirking. Grrrrrr. For the trouble I only got $5 on $50. These guys looked like they worked in the high-tech industry so they should've known better. Maybe I got so little because I wasn't kissing his fat ass. Look, I know I am a tablewhore and have to serve my tables for tips. But I drew the lines at laughing at his stupid jokes and grunts of a laugh. I couldn't even fake out a laugh if I tried. Okay, 'nuff said about that.

I also worked today (Sunday) and brought in my bellydance video from school. One of the managers is Iranian and kept asking me to show him. My other coworkers liked it too. Today wasn't so bad. I had 2 nice tables. They were so nice and I always appreciate that. They were patient and always smiling and thanking me. I don't care how much stuff people need. If they ask me with a please and a smile I am more than willing to do whatever they need.

Tommorow is Monday and I have accomplished absolutely nothing for school this weekend. I did that on purpose because I need to relax a little. I have like 3 projects to work on, and I gotta work fast because I have less than a month of school.

I also got my graduation invites over the weekend and I still gotta send those out. I have a Marketing ceremony as well as the general commecement ceremony. I really have no idea what thats gonna be like.

Okay, 'nuff for now. Bye :)

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