Monday, April 26, 2004

Student Loan Hell

Hello there my lovelies........ ( As Fez from That 70s Show would say)

I got a lovely phone call from Chela Financial, the co. that lent me money for my education. I got to learn the details of what will be happening after graduation. Interest is a real bitch. They're real nice people if you keep in touch with them and make payment plans. However, they're not to be fucked with. I shudder to think what would happen if I ignored them. Which reminds me............ I have an appointment with Sallie Mae this Wed. ( My other lender) Gotta go through the exit process. I am SO not looking foward to this. Reality is gonna smack me upside my head. I mean, I could have stayed at home all through college and saved a buttload of money. Most of these fees come from living on campus. But then I would have never had the real college experience. No offense to my parents, but I don't think I could've taken living at home for another 5 years. They're strict. Even though I am swimming in debt, I don't regret what I did. I never used my education money for anything frivolous.

I also worked on my research paper for my Hispanic culture class for like 3 hours straight today. I get to write about Latin American Artists in the 20th century. I wrote the paper in English and noe have to finish translating it into Spanish. My friend/Latin Lover (kidding) Ron is supposed to help me translate it tommorow. I hope that he doesn't back out cuz I really need to get this done. This project is like 30% of my grade. And even though my teacher KNOWS that I am a Gringa and no hablo espanol elocuente, he still grades me as if should be fluent.

I also worked on my BUS 139 project with my group from my marketing management class. I H-A-T-E that damn project. Its worth 40% of my grade. Why couldn't the exam have been worth that much ? After all, I got a 98% on that. In that project, we're running an athletic shoe store and are competing with other groups in the class. I have no clue whats going on, and the book is too boring. Besides, I hate athletic shoes anyways, and I wouldn't care if I ran the company into the ground just as long as I got a decent grade. Don't get me wrong, I am not just going to do nothing about this. I spoke to the teacher today and he helped me to understand it more. But I still hate it. Okay, enough of that shiz.

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